Citrix EdgeSight and
eG Enterprise Comparison

A point-by-point look at how eG Enterprise covers the EdgeSight monitoring gap.

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eG Enterprise:
The Ideal Citrix EdgeSight Replacement

eG Enterprise is an ideal replacement for Citrix EdgeSight for monitoring Citrix Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktop infrastructures. While Citrix EdgeSight only provided insights into Citrix Virtual Apps sessions, eG Enterprise provides total performance visibility to the entire Citrix service delivery infrastructure – including all the Citrix tiers and the non-Citrix tiers. With powerful analytics and reporting, deep performance visibility and auto-correlated diagnosis across the infrastructure tiers, eG Enterprise is a must-have solution for all Citrix administrators:

Capabilities Citrix EdgeSight eG Enterprise
In-depth monitoring of the Citrix Virtual Apps/Virtual Desktop tiers including visibility to active sessions, applications accessed, failed desktops, etc. Heavyweight agent monitors Citrix Virtual Apps sessions Lightweight agent on the Virtual Apps servers offers deep insight. Agentless monitoring of Virtual Desktop VMs
Visibility into user logon performance and breakdown of logon time constituents Yes Yes
Monitoring of Windows server health (for Virtual Apps and other Citrix applications) Yes Yes
Monitoring of Citrix NetScalers No Monitors NetScalers using Nitro API. Also integrates with NetScaler Insight.
Monitoring of other Citrix tiers – StoreFront, Web Interface, Cloud Bridge, Provisioning Services, XenMobile, etc. Limited Yes
Ability to search by user and look at that user’s session/desktop No Yes
Monitoring of virtualization platform health No Yes, supports 10+ hypervisors including VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V
In-depth Monitoring of non-Citrix tiers supporting the Citrix service – Microsoft SQL, VMware, Active Directory, Network devices, storage, etc. No Yes
Ability to monitor virtual desktops in-depth in an agentless manner and report on applications running in the desktop and users accessing these applications No Yes
Director/EdgeSight No Yes
Capabilities Citrix EdgeSight eG Enterprise
Auto-baselining of the infrastructure to proactively report abnormal usage or performance No Yes
Historical trending and forecasting Limited Yes
Multi-modal alerting and escalation of problems to administrators No Yes
Auto-discovery of the components in the infrastructure and interdependencies between them No Yes
Correlative intelligence across every layer, every tier of the infrastructure to pin-point what is causing a slowdown No Yes
Virtualization-aware correlative intelligence No Yes
Correlating performance changes with configuration changes No Yes
Capabilities Citrix EdgeSight eG Enterprise
Extensive Reporting for post mortem diagnosis, service level audits and capacity planning Limited to specific graphs Yes, pre-defined reports available out of the box
Completely customizable dashboards for Troubleshooting, SLAs, Capacity Planning, Helpdesk, Exec Views, etc. Limited Yes
Capabilities Citrix EdgeSight eG Enterprise
Multi-tenancy and personalized views for each user No Yes
100% web-based architecture allows monitoring across firewalls and private networks No Yes
Built-in redundancy and failover support No Yes
Synthetic monitoring of service performance; test from multiple locations No Yes

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