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Delighted customers and enthusiastic references are the basis of high renewal rates and new wins for Citrix Service Providers (CSP). End-user satisfaction depends on fast logins, short application launch times and low screen refresh latencies for Citrix services offering Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktop platforms.

In order to maintain peak user productivity and satisfaction, CSPs need to proactively identify potential issues and take preventative or remediate action before users are impacted. Accomplishing this without adding more operations staff is key to reducing costs and management overheads.


The top challenge faced by Citrix Service Providers is ensuring every aspect of the Citrix infrastructure-networking, StoreFront, datastore, hypervisors, storage, Citrix tiers and all the applications or desktop—are working well. Focusing only on the usage of CPU, memory or disk resources is no longer sufficient. Multiple point-solutions for each infrastructure component is not a cost-effective approach.

CSPs need a single unified solution for Citrix performance monitoring, diagnosis and reporting that correlates performance data from all layers of the infrastructure and identifies the root cause automatically.

With eG Enterprise, we can understand our whole IT infrastructure end-to-end, eliminate issues quickly, and ensure optimum performance. This is putting us one step ahead of our customers and we are now in full control of the user experience.

Roberto TrombinoTechnical Team Lead, Partner Solutions


Proactive Citrix Monitoring: Avoid Customer Calls to the Helpdesk

Prevention or early detection of issues before they impact customers is critical for Citrix Service Providers. eG Enterprise is a 360-degree performance monitoring solution that enables you to:

  • Test with simulated Citrix logon sessions, and identify logon issues before users face them
  • Evaluate preparedness and functioning of entire service-delivery infrastructure
  • Monitor metrics, logs and traces from real users’ experiences in real time for critical performance insights
Proactive Citrix monitoring software

Automated Root Cause Diagnosis: Fix Customer Issues Faster

One of the main question Citrix Service Providers need an answer for is: “Is the problem with Citrix or elsewhere?” eG Enterprise includes advanced correlative intelligence that automatically analyzes performance data from across the infrastructure-Citrix Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktop farms, network, physical and virtual servers, and storage systems-to pinpoint the exact root cause of Citrix issues.

  • Eliminate finger-pointing between teams and identify the root cause of Citrix issues
  • Improve mean-time-to-resolution and speed up troubleshooting
  • Visualize the entire Citrix service-delivery topology and automatically map dependencies between components

Ensure Service Assurance with Multi-Tenant Monitoring & Reporting

eG Enterprise is a Citrix Ready certified monitoring solution that gives managed service providers (MSPs) the ability to deliver delegated rights to multiple customers, so that each can only view data related to its own infrastructure:

  • Collect metrics from geographically dispersed customer sites and integrate into a single management solution
  • Leverage built-in reports to analyze historical data, and report on service assurance and compliance

Right-Size Your IT Infrastructure: Do More with Less

Citrix CSPs and MSPs focus on optimizing their infrastructures to reduce resource costs. eG Enterprise delivers a clear line of sight into where, when, and how compute, memory, storage and network resources are consumed for effective capacity planning.

  • Right-size your virtual machines by knowing how much resource they consume, and for what specific user and application workload it is being consumed
  • Forecast when VM and storage resources will run out of capacity and plan for additional investments
  • Monitor utilization of Citrix VDI licenses based on user activity and plan how to best scale up
Virtual machine performance monitoring

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