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eG Innovations rated the number one application performance management vendor for customer experience by SoftwareReviews

New report from Software Reviews places eG Innovations at the top of the table out of 14 application performance management vendors for customer experience based on real customer feedback

ISELIN, NJ - February 09, 2023 - eG Innovations, a leading provider of observability solutions for modern IT, has been named the number one vendor in the application performance management category for customer experience in 2023.

SoftwareReviews, which provides the most in-depth source of buyer data and insights for the enterprise software market, has recently published its annual Emotional Footprint awards, and ranks eG Enterprise APM in the top spot out of 14 vendor solutions.

Emotional Footprint Champions are selected based exclusively on feedback provided by their users via SoftwareReviews’ comprehensive online survey. The survey measures user satisfaction across 27 elements of the provider relationship, including strategy, service experience, product experience, conflict resolution, and the contracting process. The results are presented as two key metrics: a Value Index that captures user satisfaction with their software given the costs they are paying and a Net Emotional Footprint score which represents the overall user sentiment, a powerful indicator of the user feeling toward the provider and the product.

eG Innovations achieved the highest scores for both metrics - the Value Index and Net Emotional Footprint score – across 14 vendors. eG Innovations scored maximum marks for key emotional attributes such as: efficiency, integrity, client friendly policies, trustworthiness, transparency, putting client interests first, over-delivering on promises, innovativeness, reliability, performance, and unique features.

Speaking about the award, Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO and founder of eG Innovations said “We are delighted to have been recognized by SoftwareReviews as an organization that genuinely cares for and respects its customers. We have always put our customers first and our growth, success, and the evolution of our eG Enterprise solution have been guided by customers and the industry we serve. This is why several customers have continued using our product suite for over a decade. We are grateful to our customers from across the world who participated in this survey and reiterate our commitment to always putting customer needs first – whether it is for timely support, expert advice or changes to our product suite to address their current and future needs.”

The Emotional Footprint Awards are based on authentic user-review data. The data published in the Emotional Footprint Diamond is collected from real end users and meticulously verified. The entire report is available here:

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eG Innovations is dedicated to helping businesses across the globe transform IT service delivery into a competitive advantage and a centre for productivity, growth and profit. Many of the world's largest businesses use eG Enterprise to enhance IT service performance, increase operational efficiency, ensure IT effectiveness and deliver on the ROI promise of transformational IT investments across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Visit us at or on Twitter at @eGInnovations.

About SoftwareReviews:

SoftwareReviews is the most in-depth source of buyer data and insights for the enterprise software market. By collecting customer experience data from IT and business professionals, the SoftwareReviews methodology produces detailed and authentic insights into the experience of evaluating and purchasing enterprise software.

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