How to Make Citrix Logons 75% Faster?

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Slow logon is one of the most common user complaints faced by Citrix admins. When logon is slow, it affects the end-user experience and business productivity. Because Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop logon comprises many steps and depends on various parts of the infrastructure, it is often difficult to know what is causing logon slowness. The biggest question every Citrix admin has is, “How do I make Citrix logons faster?”

Optimize Citrix Logon Every Step of the Way and Reduce Logon Times Up To 75%

Optimize Citrix Logon Every Steps

Watch this on-demand webinar where Citrix expert George Spiers will share best practices based on his real-world experience to optimize your Citrix infrastructure to make logons up to 75% faster.

  • Understand what factors are involved in Citrix login processing
  • Learn optimization techniques to make logon faster including profile management and image optimization
  • Learn how to improve logon times using new Citrix technologies such as App Layering and WEM
  • Pick up tips, tricks and tools to proactively detect logon slowdowns

View this webinar and become an expert at managing Citrix logon performance end to end.

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Webinar Presenter

George Spiers

Citrix Technology Professional (CTP)
Founder of EUC UK