Driving Client Loyalty and Growth with Performance Management: An Allscripts Case Study

Doctors and nurses cannot afford any impediments to delivering the best possible patient care in today's a fast-moving, 24/7 healthcare environment. To ensure that the hospitals, physicians, nurses and other care providers it serves receive the best client experience possible, Allscripts offers a proactive application monitoring service that checks for potential problems that could slow down or disrupt the use of its mission-critical healthcare IT systems.

The current proactive support offering, initially launched in 2006, monitors clients' IT infrastructure and use of Allscripts solutions. Since its introduction, Allscripts has been able to improve client experiences in a way that has had a significant impact on business growth and client retention.

View this on on-demand webinar where John Worthington, Director of Customer Success at eG Innovations and Mike Montano, CDO of Strategy and Business Management at Allscripts will explore how Allscripts has leveraged eG Enterprise to:

  • Respond to events and resolve issues before clients engage support more than 70% of the time
  • Realize a 15-20% cost avoidance
  • Easily tailor the monitor to provide customized monitoring capabilities
  • Read the Allscripts healthcare IT monitoring case study

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Webinar Presenters

John Worthington

Director of Customer Success
eG Innovations

Mike Montano

Sr. Technical Support Manager