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SAP Performance Monitoring - How to Improve SAP User Experience & Productivity

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Today's SAP environments are complex and dynamic. Virtualization of SAP instances and supporting infrastructure introduces new dependencies that make management of SAP performance and user experience more difficult, costly, and time consuming. Some of the toughest SAP service performance problems are the ones where users call the helpdesk and complain that "SAP is slow". SAP administrators often struggle to determine and quickly repair the root-cause of the problem - Is it the SAP server, the virtualization layer, transaction server, the network, storage or the desktop? Meanwhile, critical business processes are impacted, costing your company a lot of money and hurting the reputation of IT operations.

View this webinar to hear from performance experts Andre Kemp (Globalwave Consulting) and Srinivas Ramanathan (eG Innovations) and find out how to: