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Monitoring solutions for public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures

Cloud Monitoring

For cloud computing to be successful, performance assurance is paramount. Users of cloud services expect the same performance as if these services were hosted in their corporate network.

eG Enterprise Universal Insight for Cloud infrastructures enables the success of your cloud initiatives by delivering performance assurance, user satisfaction, and rapid ROI. Providing three important perspectives (deployment, cloud consumer, cloud provider) in a single integrated solution, it automates and accelerates cloud performance management, providing total visibility across all tiers and layers of the distributed ecosystem.

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Cloud computing offers enterprises many benefits, but it also poses a number of monitoring and management challenges. Most cloud environments are distributed and involve multiple application, virtualization and network tiers.

Often these tiers are operated by different groups of administrators and there is no visibility across these tiers. Inter-dependencies between tiers of a cloud infrastructure also make problem diagnosis difficult. So when a user complains of a slowdown, it is hard to determine where the problem lies: in the cloud, in the application, in the database, or in the client.

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  • Cloud Performance Management Tool
    Performance Management from the Cloud

    This is the deployment perspective. The eG Enterprise-on-Tap service allows organizations to start monitoring, diagnosing and reporting on their private and public cloud infrastructures in minutes with no upfront investment.

    • 100% web-based architecture, HTTP/HTTPS for all communications
    • Agent-based/agentless, active and passive monitoring
    • Licensed per server, not per CPU core/socket
    • Broad coverage: Monitors 150+ applications, 10+ operating systems, 10+ virtualization platforms
  • Cloud Applications Monitoring Solutions
    Performance Management of the Cloud

    This is the cloud consumer's view. eG Enterprise provides a single pane of glass for administrators to monitor their servers and applications that are hosted internally and in the cloud. 

    • Monitoring of user experience for key IT services
    • Demand, consumption, quality metrics for every layer and every tier of the infrastructure
    • Automatic cloud-aware correlation technology makes root-cause diagnosis easy
    • Monitor cloud hosted and on-premise applications from the same console
  • Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
    Performance Management for the Cloud

    This is the cloud service provider’s view. eG Enterprise provides end-to-end performance management for cloud services. Administrators can track service availability, performance and diagnose problems quickly. 

    • Monitor the entire cloud infrastructure: cloud platform, virtualization, network, storage, and other services
    • Multi-tenant: multiple enterprises can be monitored from the same console
    • Web-based: enabling you to monitor from anywhere, at any time
    • Automated deployment and configuration, integrates seamlessly with helpdesk and trouble-ticketing systems

We are truly impressed with eG Innovations cloud performance management solution. eG beats out most of the competition in terms of coverage for diverse virtual server environments as well as for its distinctive ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ real-time analytics.

Julie Craig
Research Director, EMA

The eG Enterprise Suite includes multiple features that one would expect from more expensive solutions; their comprehensive support for virtual environments positions eG Innovations as a leader in terms of monitoring private cloud and public infrastructure as a service environments.

Julie Craig
Research Director, EMA
eG Enterprise
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