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eG Total Performance Visibility

Citrix XenApp Performance Monitoring

Poor performance and slowdowns of Citrix XenApp are often business impacting. The eG Citrix XenApp Monitor is a comprehensive performance monitoring, diagnosis and reporting solution. Used to monitor some of the largest Citrix deployments in the world, the eG Citrix XenApp Monitor simplifies the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of performance problems that can impact the Citrix user experience.

With the eG Citrix XenApp Monitor, administrators do not have to guess why users complain that "Citrix is slow". By monitoring, analyzing and correlating metrics across every layer, every tier of the infrastructure, they can prove "Its Not Citrix" that is always the cause of a problem.

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Citrix XenApp Performance Management Made Easy

Monitoring the Citrix XenApp Service, Not a XenApp Server

When a user complains about slow or poor performance, he/she is reporting about the performance of the entire service, not about a specific server. Fundamental to the eG Enterprise Citrix XenApp monitoring solution is the concept of monitoring the service, not individual silos or tiers. eG Enterprise's service topology graph provides visibility into the performance of every layer, every tier of the infrastructure. The Citrix tiers - StoreFront, Netscaler, XenApp servers, Provisioning services, License servers - and the non-Citrix tiers - the network, the virtualization platform (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, etc.), the storage tier - are monitored from a single console. A service topology graph depicts all the tiers, their real-time health and the inter-dependencies between them. By simply looking at the Citrix XenApp service topology and the color codes of the different tiers, even non-experts can determine which administrator they need to call to resolve a problem.

Detailed Drilldowns into Every Layer, Every Tier

The eG universal monitor embeds detailed insights on the performance of every layer, every tier of the Citrix infrastructure. Using any combination of agent or agentless monitoring approaches, the eG universal monitor collects and reports on key user experience metrics (e.g., HDX latency, user logon times, network latency to the user terminal) and resource metrics (e.g., VM CPU ready time, TCP retransmissions, run queue lengths, etc.). The metrics collected are baselined and any deviations from the norm are flagged as proactive alerts through a central management console. The state of each Citrix infrastructure tier is presented in an easy to understand layer model representation, so administrators can easily understand which layer is causing a problem.

Deep Visibility into Citrix XenApp Performance

eG Enterprise provides unparalleled visibility into Citrix XenApp performance. Which users are logged in, what applications are they using, what logon times did each user see, why was logon slow (due to profile loading or group processing?), is any user connecting through a low bandwidth network, what are the most popular applications accessed and what are the most resource hungry applications are some of the key questions that can be answered by eG Enterprise. For a complete list of Citrix XenApp monitoring capabilities of eG Enterprise, click here.

Automated Root-Cause Diagnosis

Citrix XenApp is often deployed on virtual infrastructures (e.g., VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or Citrix XenServer). In such cases, the performance of the Citrix service is dependent not just on the Citrix applications, but also on the virtualization and storage tiers supporting this service. eG Enterprise is the only automatic root-cause diagnosis solution for virtualized Citrix infrastructures. Using a patented correlation engine, eG Enterprise analyzes and correlates performance across every tier of the infrastructure and helps identify the exact cause of a Citrix XenApp performance issue - is it the network? Database? Application? Citrix? VMware? Storage? Administrators and help desk staff can get to the exact root-cause of a Citrix performance problem with just one click on the eG Enterprise management console.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

eG Enterprise provides extensive web-based reporting for Citrix infrastructures. From their web browsers, administrators also have access to hundreds of personalized reports documenting the performance of every tier of the Citrix infrastructure. While executive reports offer high level overviews of performance that are ideal for C-level executives, operations reports offer detailed drilldowns that can be used for problem troubleshooting and diagnosis as well as for capacity planning. These reports can be used for performance audits - to determine where the bottlenecks are and for post-mortem diagnosis - to determine what caused a problem in the past. Historical reports are also useful during migration, to verify that performance is not affected by a migration, or for future planning, to ensure that the infrastructure is optimized to deliver the best return on investment (ROI). Organizations can also use eG Enterprise for compliance reporting. With eG Enterprise's Citrix session reports, user reports and application reports, Citrix administrators can answer the questions - who, when, what and how did users access the Citrix service.