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Citrix XenApp Performance Monitoring

Discover and fix the true Citrix performance problem

Citrix XenApp users expect application delivery to be as reliable and fast as their physical desktop experience. A single failure in the XenApp environment can bring application performance to a crawl and impact both user experience and key business processes.

When performance problems occur, users often complain that “Citrix is slow” or “Citrix is not working”. Most of the time, the Citrix XenApp server itself is not the cause of this issue - but how do you prove it? Conventional enterprise monitoring tools do not monitor the XenApp servers in-depth. On the other hand, the specialized monitoring tools available for XenApp do not provide visibility beyond the XenApp layer, into the network, the storage, virtualization, and application tiers. So how do you proactively discover and fix the true performance bottleneck: Is it the network? Profile server? Web? Virtualization platform (VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V etc.)? SAN?


eG Citrix Monitor - Providing Total Performance Visibility for
Citrix Infrastructures

The eG Citrix Monitor, part of the eG Enterprise suite, is a complete performance management solution for Citrix XenApp server farms, irrespective of whether XenApp is deployed on physical servers or virtual machines. By monitoring every layer of every tier of the Citrix service infrastructure - from network to the servers, from the virtualization platform to storage, the eG Citrix Monitor provides administrators total performance visibility of their Citrix infrastructure. Get actionable insights into the true causes of cross-domain service performance issues so you can dramatically accelerate the discovery, diagnosis, and resolution of service performance issues in your XenApp environment and connected virtual, cloud, and physical infrastructures.

Key Features & Benefits of the eG Citrix Monitor

Here is how the eG Citrix Monitor helps you improve user productivity and the performance of your mission critical business services hosted on Citrix XenApp:

  • Total Performance Visibility across the Citrix XenApp infrastructure
    Monitor every layer, every tier of the end-to-end service so you know what's working and what's not.
  • Performance Insights into User Sessions and Applications
    In-depth visibility inside each user's session so you know who the top users are and what applications they are using.
  • Pro-Active Detection and Resolution of Performance Issues
    Auto-baseline your Citrix infrastructure; Get proactive alerts when your infrastructure usage and performance are abnormal. Automatically correlate across metrics from different tiers to identify and fix issues before users call.
  • Powerful Reporting
    Identify bottlenecks, top resouce consuming users and top resource intensive applications to right-size your environment for maximum ROI.

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