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What is Azure Monitor?

Azure Monitor helps you maximize the availability and performance of your applications and services. It is a solution for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from your cloud environments. With Azure Monitor, you can track how your applications are performing and proactively identify issues that affect them and the resources they depend on.

While Azure Application Insights helps detect and diagnose issues across applications, VM insights and Container insight track the underlying cloud infrastructure used. Azure Log Analytics is a tool to run queries against the data collected by Azure Monitor logs. Queries are written in the Kusto Query Language. Visualizations are created in Azure using dashboards and workbooks.

Typical Challenges with Azure Monitor

Configuration is time consuming
Costs per metric, per threshold
Many add-ons required to get complete monitoring
Limited synthetic monitoring capability
No on-prem application/infrastructure monitoring support
No multi-cloud support

Go beyond Azure Monitor
Get End-to-End Microsoft AVD Monitoring

eG Enterprise is a ready-made solution for monitoring any workload on Azure. Its universal monitoring technology handles everything from operating systems to databases, middleware, web servers, messaging, all key Azure services, Kubernetes and containers.

It provides out-of-the-box dashboards, reporting and alerting without the need to invest in Azure only scripting and queries. Retain data cost-efficiently beyond the limits of Azure for compliance and auditing.

Simple to use help desk views and automated root-cause analysis allow you to rapidly set up a service desk, monitor performance and availability proactively and ensure a great end user experience.

IT managers can also support Azure environments and on-premises applications and infrastructure from a central web console. Besides filling the observability gaps of native Azure Monitor, eG Enterprise automates tasks and removes manual configuration and tooling / scripting with out-of-the-box alerting, dashboards and reporting.

Specifically for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) technology, eG Enterprise has comprehensive monitoring, diagnosis and reporting capabilities. Leveraging decades of experience managing some of the largest virtual desktop and end user computing (EUC) deployments, eG Enterprise embeds specialized capabilities that go well beyond what Azure Monitor offers for AVD. Specialized synthetic monitoring capabilities enable AVD service availability and response time to be tracked. A wealth of reports and dashboards that IT admins need to monitor and report on AVD user sessions are available out-of-the-box.

Azure Monitor for AVD vs. eG Enterprise
A Quick Comparison

Azure Monitor eG Enterprise
Significant manual effort to set up especially around what metrics to collect, what thresholds to set, when to get alerts, etc. Minimal manual effort. Metrics to be collected, thresholds to set are pre-defined and alerting is automatic and pre-configured.
Difficult to estimate cost – every alert costs money; pricing is different for different types of thresholds. The amount of data collected and historical storage also increases the cost. Easy to estimate cost. Licensing is based on the number of users.
Possible to monitor multiple subscriptions but more complex to configure. Subscriptions within a tenant can be configured in a Azure Log Analytics workspace. Monitoring resources across tenants requires Azure Lighthouse. Easy to configure to monitor multiple Azure subscriptions.
Cannot be used to monitor Citrix, VMware Horizon, or other digital workspace deployments like AWS AppStream or WorkSpaces. Provides consistent dashboards and reports across all popular digital workspace technologies including Citrix, VMware Horizon, AWS AppStream and others. Licensing transferable between workspace technologies.
Azure Monitors supports basic HTTP URL checks for availability. Multi-step web tests are supported with the help of Azure Application Insights. Does not include built-in simulators for AVD or other digital workspaces. Does not have full session monitoring for thick / thin clients. Extensive in-built synthetic monitoring capabilities ranging from simple protocol checks to logon simulators for AVD and other digital workspaces to full session monitoring for thick, thin or web clients.
Report generation involves writing Kusto Query Language (KQL) queries. Simple reporting interface includes many pre-built reports. Customized reports can also be created via an easy-to-use GUI. Users do not have to invest in Kusto skills and do not need to write queries.
Its interface is more suited to admins than to help desk staff. Root-cause diagnosis and analytics are left to other tools that take feeds from Azure Monitor. Role-based access and personalized views are supported. Helpdesk staff can easily navigate the interface and triage problems quickly.
Integration with ITSM tools and enterprise workflows is difficult. Manual configuration is needed. Many out of the box integrations are available for supporting most common ITSM tools including Autotask, ServiceNow, MS Teams and others.

eG Innovations is a Microsoft technology partner, and the eG Enterprise Monitoring Service for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops is available today on the Microsoft Marketplace.

Why Choose eG Enterprise to
Monitor your AVD Services?

eG Innovations is a Microsoft Technology Partner. Here’s why IT teams choose to use eG Enterprise to monitor their Azure Virtual Desktop deployments:

  • Quick, lightweight SaaS deployment of eG Enterprise.
  • Easy to install to help you get started in minutes.
  • Metric thresholds and alerts set up automatically without manual effort needed.
  • Simple to understand subscription pricing.
  • Available to purchase directly from the Microsoft marketplace.
  • Beyond AVD session hosts, covers the end-to-end Azure infrastructure such as Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, the Azure Subscription, Storage and more. On-premises dependencies such as Active Directory are also covered.
  • Covers your other digital workspace deployments such as Citrix, VMware and others within a single interface.
  • Out-of-the-box live and historical reporting removes the need to craft KQL (Kusto Query Language) queries.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Monitoring | eG Innovations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
about Azure Monitor Alternatives

Yes, it does. Azure Monitor is very laborious to set up. The out of the box capabilities are limited. Administrators will not be able to get ready answers to the questions they have about AVD availability, user experience, usage and performance. Hence, the need for out of the box, specialized monitoring tools like eG Enterprise.

The main questions that customers have about AVD services include:

  • Is the service available, and are users able to login and access their virtual desktops?
  • Is the response time for users within the expected bounds/SLAs? What is the average logon time or application launch time?
  • How many session hosts are in use and is the load balanced across all the hosts?
  • Is there sufficient capacity in each AVD host pool?
  • Who logged in, when and what applications did they use?
  • Are any users taking up excessive resources and why?

Read more on monitoring AVD in: Ultimate guide to monitoring Azure Virtual Desktop Technology | White Paper (eginnovations.com)

eG Enterprise provides reports targeted at different stakeholders across the organization. There are executive reports for management outlining where the performance bottlenecks lie, and operations reports that provide the detailed insights that IT admins need. Domain-specific reports for AVD provide all the details that administrators need for compliance reporting and infrastructure optimization. Reports on who logged in, at what times, which applications they accessed, resources they used and how their user experience was. Additionally, user active/idle times during a session are also tracked. Users can also define custom reports on all metrics, signals and logs that eG Enterprise collects.

No, the only requirements are that the agents deployed on Microsoft AVD session hosts should be able to communicate using SSL to an eG manager (whether it is in the cloud or on-premises). Users can choose to deploy eG Enterprise themselves on-premises or to a cloud of their choice, or take advantage of eG Enterprise’s managed SaaS option if they prefer to free themselves from the demands of infrastructure and/or management and maintenance.

One of our healthcare clients was able to re-allocate $150,000 that it was spending on digital workspace consultants and firefighting after it started using eG Enterprise. Organizations can boost user satisfaction and productivity by reducing downtime and slow logons. IT support cost can be reduced and operational efficiency can be enhanced because problem diagnosis is streamlined, involves less finger-pointing and is more effective. Empirical insights also help with right-sizing, optimization and capacity planning as well.

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