Performance and User Experience Issues Top VDI Concerns

Our most recent webinar “VDI Performance Assessment – Moving Desktop Virtualization from Test to Best” (download slides) attracted over 900 (!) registrations to learn how organizations can overcome challenges regarding scaling their VDI initiatives or moving desktop virtualization from pilot to production.

We asked the attendees “What is your biggest VDI pain?”

Here are the responses:

Not surprisingly, 60% of attendees selected performance and user acceptance as the biggest problems preventing VDI success. So, in case you were wondering, you are not alone in searching for ways to overcome VDI performance, scalability and cost control challenges.

eG Innovations can help you overcome your VDI challenges with the industry’s first end-to-end VDI performance assessment service that provides an in-depth assessment of your entire VDI environment – from the desktop to the datacenter. This assessment will help you quickly identify and remove performance bottlenecks, so you can deliver user satisfaction, scalability and cost control.

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