Citrix Cloud

What is Citrix Cloud?

Technically, Citrix Cloud isn’t a product that the company sells access to. Rather, it's the name Citrix uses to refer to a collection of services associated with the Citrix Cloud Platform. The platform’s job is to host and administer all Citrix cloud services.

Citrix Cloud is delivered via a per-service model, but users can access and manage all of their services from a single console.

How does Citrix Cloud work?

The platform uses a cloud connector on public cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises infrastructure to provide organizations with the resources they need to create, deploy, and manage desktops and applications for end users.

Acting as a communications proxy between Citrix cloud services and the customer’s resource location, the cloud connector is a specific set of micro-services installed on a virtual machine. These services include:

  • Provisioning
  • Proxy
  • Identity
  • Authentication
  • Gateway

Note that some services, including Image Portability Service and Citrix Secure Private Access, use a Citrix connector appliance instead.

Together, these services help enterprises scale and support their workforce regardless of when, where, or how they choose to work.

Benefits of Citrix Cloud

There are several advantages of Citrix Cloud. Some of the main incentives are that Citrix manages components on your behalf, Citrix makes those components available, and Citrix continually updates components hosted in the cloud for you. The benefit is extra time given back to your IT teams, which can be dedicated to other important organizational tasks. These are the differences between hosting Citrix on-premises and using Citrix Cloud services.

What are the Citrix Cloud services?

Citrix Cloud Services is currently a collection of 11 solutions that simplify the creation and deployment of secure digital workspaces. These solutions are divided into two categories: those focusing on desktop as a service and virtual desktop infrastructure and those providing application security.

Citrix Cloud DaaS and VDI services include : 

  • Citrix DaaS: Provide secure cloud desktops and apps for a remote workforce
  • Citrix Analytics for Performance: Track key performance indicators to monitor health and improve performance
  • Citrix Analytics — Usage: Gain visibility into user interactions
  • ITSM Adapter: Automate provisioning and management of all Citrix resources
  • Citrix Workspace: Securely deliver applications and data for mobile employees
  • Workspace Environment Management: Manage resources and profiles for optimized performance and user experience

Citrix Cloud application security services include: 

  • Citrix Analytics for Security: Monitor user behavior to detect and prevent threats from the inside
  • Citrix Endpoint Management: Provides a unified platform for easy management of all apps and endpoints
  • Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management: Use real-time data to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize internet traffic
  • Citrix Remote Browser Isolation: Secure data from browser-based attacks without limiting employee browsing access
  • Citrix Secure Private Access: Zero-trust network access for all IT-sanctioned applications

These DaaS, VDI, and application security services streamline the delivery and management of Citrix technologies as you move application, desktop, and data resources to the cloud.

Monitoring Citrix Cloud

A common misconception is that by moving to Citrix Cloud, your organization does not have to monitor the Citrix service. You are still responsible for logon times, sessions, round trip times, and ultimately user productivity and experience. Managing the performance of Citrix services in a Citrix Cloud deployment is even more of a challenge for Citrix admins than it was with a fully controlled, local deployment.

Fortunately, eG Innovations can help you overcome these challenges by providing administrators with complete visibility into their Citrix Cloud deployment, including the Citrix Cloud control plane and all tiers of the local resource plane. 

With synthetic and real user monitoring, IT administrators can identify exactly what’s causing the problem and where it is, whether in the Citrix cloud, local servers, virtualization, storage, or network. As a result, IT teams can get to the root of any issue quickly and efficiently, ensuring maximum productivity and saving the organization precious time and resources. 

Once the immediate problem is resolved, analytics helps IT teams optimize deployments for smooth sailing. With an array of Citrix Cloud benefits and comprehensive support from eG Innovations, you can make the most of your cloud-based tools.