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eG Innovations unveils performance monitoring service for all cloud-based infrastructures

eG Enterprise software now available as a subscription service (SaaS) to private cloud providers and cloud consumers to manage performance of their distributed infrastructures

ISELIN, N.J., May 5, 2011– Private cloud providers and consumers looking for an affordable, all-encompassing subscription-based performance monitoring solution for their applications and business services now have precisely what they need with today’s announcement by eG Innovations, Inc., of the immediate availability of its eG Enterprise-on-Tap™ service. eG Enterprise monitors any physical, virtual or cloud-based IT infrastructure as a single pane of glass, supporting 10 operating systems, seven virtualization platforms and more than 120 industry-leading applications out of the box. eG Innovations is an award-winning global supplier of business service monitoring software, the eG Enterprise Suite™, for complex, hybrid IT infrastructures.

Initially announced for use by Citrix XenDesktop users, eG Enterprise-on-Tap includes all the capabilities of the eG Enterprise Suite, and now supports multiple virtualized server and desktop platforms that form the heart of the vast majority of cloud implementations:

eG Enterprise-on-Tap also supports a wide variety of applications, including web servers (Apache, IIS), databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL), middleware applications (messaging servers, J2EE application servers), enterprise applications (SAP R/3, Siebel) and storage and network devices.

“Citrix XenDesktop customers have seen such substantial value from the eG-on-Tap monitoring service that we feel the time is right make it available for use under all infrastructure platforms in the most challenging computing environment of all: the cloud,” said Srinivas Ramanathan, founder, president and CEO of eG Innovations. “eG-on-Tap provides unparalleled visibility into the performance of hybrid cloud infrastructures for cloud providers and consumers alike, thereby eliminating blind spots. Correlation across tiers provides administrators with clear pointers to where the root-cause of problems lies. Thus, administrators are able to rapidly troubleshoot any problems in the infrastructure and take early action to avoid potential problems. They also can generate management reports on the usage and quality of the service. Plus, they have access to usage patterns and trends that are invaluable for planning any future expansion.”

According to Ramanathan, turning on the eG-on-Tap service is hassle-free. Customers just need to set up software agents on their critical servers, essentially a two minute task, and then log-in to the hosted monitoring console to start accessing metrics and reports. The service relies on a 100% web-based architecture – even the agents communicate with the management console using HTTP/HTTPS -- so no additional firewall rules need to be configured to allow the management traffic through. Furthermore, the architecture is highly secure because the agents do not listen on any TCP ports.

Capabilities of the eG Enterprise-on-Tap Service

The eG Enterprise-on-Tap Service offers the following key monitoring and management capabilities:

  • A single pane of glass for a complete end-to-end business service view. eG Enterprise-on-Tap tracks every layer of every tier of the infrastructure, including the server operating systems, virtualization platform, network devices, storage devices, web frontend, database server, profile servers, and Active Directory.
  • Automatic baselines of KPIs to enable administrators to plan service rollouts efficiently. Time-of-day performance baselines for every infrastructure tier indicate what the norms for each tier are, and any deviations from the norms are highlighted as proactive alerts to administrators.
  • Correlation of performance across silos and layers to pinpoint the root-cause of problems automatically. Accurate diagnosis of problems helps administrators ensure peak service quality and minimal downtime.
  • Track and correlate configuration changes with performance changes. Often a configuration change can result in performance degradation. To handle such situations, eG Enterprise-on-Tap correlates performance changes with configuration changes, so administrators can easily detect and fix such situations.
  • Extensive web-based historical reports. Hundreds of network, application, and server reports are available. Specialized reports are also available for executives and operations staff comparing the performance of every infrastructure tier, top-N reports highlighting peak usage areas, etc.

Pricing and Availability

eG Enterprise-on-Tap is available now at subscription fees beginning at $50 per server per month in the U.S. There is no physical limit to number of nodes, devices or applications that can be monitored at this cost. Minimum subscription commitment is three months.

About eG Innovations

eG Innovations, Inc. ( is a global provider of performance monitoring and triage solutions for virtual, physical and cloud-based IT infrastructures. The company’s patented technologies provide proactive monitoring of every layer of every tier in the infrastructure, thereby enabling rapid diagnosis and recovery in enterprise and service provider networks. By ensuring high availability and optimum performance of mission-critical business services, eG Innovations’ solutions help enhance customers’ competitive positioning, lower operational costs and optimize the performance of their infrastructures.

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