Citrix Cloud Monitoring

Moving to Citrix Cloud doesn't mean you don't have to monitor the Citrix service. You are still responsible for logon times, sessions, RTT and ultimately user productivity and experience. With eG Enterprise go beyond Citrix Director on cloud and get visibility into Citrix on-prem and cloud services to quickly isolate the root-cause of Citrix issues.

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Why Monitor the Performance of
Citrix Cloud Services?

Citrix Cloud provides a hybrid cloud platform for organizations to deliver Citrix virtual apps and desktop services, offering increased flexibility and affordable pricing for scaling workloads on demand. Despite the benefits Citrix Cloud offers, managing performance of Citrix services remains a challenge for Citrix admins.

Even though some of the Citrix delivery infrastructure is hosted in the control plane and managed by Citrix, the enterprise IT teams are still responsible for the overall performance of the Citrix virtual apps and desktop services delivered to end-users. They need sufficient monitoring capabilities in their arsenal to proactively diagnose and troubleshoot performance problems, before they become business-impacting.

Citrix Cloud Monitoring from eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise for
Citrix Cloud Monitoring

eG Enterprise provides you complete visibility into your Citrix Cloud deployment. With eG Enterprise you can:

  • Monitor the Citrix Cloud control plane and all the tiers of the local resource plane
  • Use synthetic and real user monitoring to track user experience
  • Get to the root-cause of problems quickly: Identify if it is the Citrix cloud, local servers, virtualization, storage or network that is causing issues
  • Use our comprehensive analytics features to optimize, right-size and plan your Citrix deployments
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With eG Enterprise, we can understand our whole IT infrastructure end-to-end, eliminate issues quickly, and ensure optimum performance. This is putting us one step ahead of our customers and we are now in full control of the user experience.

Roberto Trombino Technical Team Lead, Partner Solutions

What eG Enterprise
Citrix Cloud Monitoring Delivers

Measure All Aspects of Citrix User Experience for Citrix Cloud Services

  • Use built-in Citrix logon simulator to proactively test and identify logon slowness, application availability issues, slow launch, etc.
  • Get comprehensive visibility into real user experience, such as screen refresh latency, user’s connection quality, HDX bandwidth, EDT performance, and more
  • Track session disconnects, screen freezes, slow application/desktop launch, and other user experience problems
The Microsoft SQL Server Load Analyzer identifies which app or user imposes the most load on the server.

Track the Availability and Functioning of the Citrix Cloud Services

By leveraging Citrix APIs, eG Enterprise provides native support to monitor critical Citrix Cloud components such as the Cloud Delivery Controller.

  • Track dependencies between the control plane and resource plane
  • View the entire Citrix delivery topology from a single pane of glass and auto-correlate performance alerts
  • Easily pinpoint whether a problem originates in the control plane infrastructure, connectivity to the cloud, or in the resource plane
  • Monitor the availability and functioning of the Citrix Cloud Connectors

In-Depth Performance Visibility
of the Citrix Resource Plane

Wherever the resource plane is deployed – on-premises infrastructure or public cloud (AWS, Azure) – eG Enterprise provides comprehensive performance visibility into the core Citrix components, including the Citrix XenApp servers and XenDesktop VMs, as well as the supporting tiers such as the hypervisor, storage, AD, network, and more.

eG Enterprise also provides monitoring support for XenDesktop Essentials and XenDesktop Essentials infrastructure deployment on Microsoft Azure cloud.

Assure Service Levels with
Proactive Performance Management

  • Synthetically test and ensure availability of the entire Citrix delivery architecture
  • Go beyond basic availability monitoring provided by, and get visibility into every tier of the Citrix delivery infrastructure
  • Using advanced machine learning, automated correlation and advanced diagnostics, speed up root cause troubleshooting
  • Stay ahead of the Citrix Cloud support team and diagnose user experience issues before end-users are affected and complain

Right-Size the Citrix Resource Plane for Maximum ROI

  • Leverage built-in reports for historical performance analysis and capacity planning
  • Forecast when your servers and VMs in the resource plane will run out of capacity
  • Get actionable recommendations for optimizing the Citrix delivery infrastructure
  • Optimize the resource plane components for enhanced performance, and right-size for increased ROI

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