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Performance Monitoring for Citrix Cloud Environments

Ensure peak performance of applications and desktops delivered using Citrix Cloud

The Need to Monitor the Performance of Citrix Cloud Infrastructures

Citrix Cloud Monitoring from eG Enterprise
Citrix Cloud Architecture

Citrix Cloud provides a hybrid cloud platform for organizations to deliver XenApp and XenDesktop services, offering increased flexibility and affordable pricing for scaling workloads on demand. Despite the benefits Citrix Cloud offers, managing performance of Citrix services remains a challenge for Citrix admins.

Even though some of the Citrix delivery infrastructure is hosted in the control plane and managed by Citrix, the enterprise IT teams are still responsible for the overall performance of the XenApp and XenDesktop services delivered to end-users. They need sufficient monitoring capabilities in their arsenal to proactively diagnose and troubleshoot performance problems, before they become business-impacting.




Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

With eG Enterprise, we can understand our whole IT infrastructure end-to-end, eliminate issues quickly, and ensure optimum performance. This is putting us one step ahead of our customers and we are now in full control of the user experience.

Roberto Trombino
Technical Team Lead, Partner Solutions


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