What is TCS BaNCS?

TCS BaNCS is a global banking platform developed by Tata Consultancy Services  for use by retail and corporate banks, digital-challenger, private, Islamic banks of varying sizes, co-operatives, non-banking financial institutions, micro-lenders, and credit unions to transform and modernize their core systems. A rich set of APIs and capabilities allow a bank to do business with anyone and for anyone to do business with the bank.

Built on a Digital First, Cloud First philosophy, TCS BaNCS includes innovative and digital apps and a digital core that supports a wide range of products and services across asset types – assets and liabilities, cash, securities and crypto assets for a wide variety of use cases in the financial services industry.

TCS BaNCS allows banks to create solutions as per their needs and enables banks to go to market faster and to respond quickly to disruption and threats.

What are the key features of TCS BaNCS?

  • TCS BaNCS is an API-first platform. Its open banking capabilities facilitate new business models such as Banking-as-a-Service and embedded finance.
  • It has out of the box capabilities for a modern core banking solution including support for end-to-end lending, savings, deposits, payments, trade finance, fees, and pricing capabilities.
  • The TCS BaNCS marketplace has a wide set of ecosystem solutions that address many of the needs of modern banks.
  • Banks can choose to implement the solution as is or they can pick and choose only the components that are relevant to their business.
  • Flexible configuration model allows faster personalization and tailoring of the solution for customer needs.

What technology does TCS BaNCS use?

TCS BaNCS follows an n-Tier Java architecture. It supports speedy enterprise integration by being built on a solid, state-of-the-art Java EE and SOA-enabled architecture.

What IT monitoring capabilities are required for banks deploying TCS BaNCS?

IT monitoring is essential to ensure that key banking applications based on TCS BaNCS are working well. Performance anomalies can happen due to several reasons. Under provisioning of virtual machines, database disk failures, application memory leaks, excessive workloads, etc. can all result in application slowdowns and impact a banking application’s availability and performance. Banks need to have monitoring software in place to ensure that they can proactively detect and resolve problems before users notice. To learn more about how banking and financial institutions can benefit from IT monitoring software, please see

How does eG Innovations help TCS BaNCS customers?

TCS BaNCS and eG Innovations have partnered together to help financial organizations with proactive monitoring and diagnosis for their key financial applications. 

eG Innovations and TCS have worked together to address the IT monitoring needs of multiple large financial organizations across the world. The integration of eG Enterprise and TCS BaNCS extends the value of proactive and end-to-end monitoring to TCS’ BaNCS customers in three areas:

  • User experience metrics are provided as the ultimate measure of the performance of key financial applications. To enable IT teams to align with the needs of the business, eG Enterprise provides 360 degree visibility into the digital experience of users by providing a combination of synthetic and real user monitoring.
  • Converged application and infrastructure monitoring provides end-to-end visibility into every layer and every tier of the IT landscape and a patented root-cause diagnosis technology automates and simplifies IT troubleshooting. With these integrated capabilities, IT teams can ensure higher service uptime and enhanced user satisfaction.
  • Dashboards and reports are tailored to different stakeholders, providing them the details they need, wherever they are, to ensure that all financial services are performing.

eG Enterprise is featured on TCS BaNCS marketplace.

What are some of the key performance metrics that eG Enterprise reports regarding TCS BaNCS?

Java technology is fundamental to the TCS BaNCS architecture and eG Enterprise includes extensive capabilities to monitor all aspects of Java virtual machine performance. The performance of the JVM garbage collector, usage of the JVM’s heap memory, threads running in the JVM are some of the key metrics tracked. System and application logs are also a great source of metrics. eG Enterprise can analyze and report anomalies and errors detected in these logs. To get greater insights into performance of the banking applications, distributed transaction tracing can also be implemented. This provides insights into slow methods, slow queries, inefficient external calls, and so on.

Learn more about the converged application and infrastructure monitoring approach that eG Enterprise uses: