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Microsoft Hyper-V Performance Monitoring

Simplify Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Reporting of Hyper-V Infrastructures

Why Monitor Microsoft Hyper-V?

  • Hyper-V infrastructures are used to support business-critical servers and applications. Failure or slowness of these servers and applications is business impacting.
  • Failure or slowness of one Hyper-V server affects the performance of all VMs hosted on it. So, the impact of failure or slowness is severe.
  • Hyper-V performance depends on several factors. Processors, memory, storage LUNs, storage adapters, network interfaces, and hardware all need to be monitored.
  • For fast problem diagnosis, it is important to triage a problem and determine the root-cause: is it the hypervisor, or storage, or the virtual network, or the VMs that are causing the issue?

Solve Top Hyper-V Performance Issues in Minutes

  • What is the CPU load on the hypervisor, on the root partition, and each of the virtual guests?
  • How many logical processors are currently supported by the hypervisor?
  • Is the root partition consuming memory resources excessively?
  • Which network adapter/switch is seeing the most traffic?
  • Are all critical Hyper-V processes and services up and running?
  • How many virtual guest machines are running? What are their IP addresses/host names and operating systems?
  • How many virtual processors are currently supported by each VM?
  • Is any VM utilizing the allocated CPU resources excessively?
  • What is the total disk capacity of each VM? Is any VM running out of disk space?
  • Which processes on a guest are taking up high disk, CPU, and memory resources?
  • How many desktops are powered simultaneously on the Hyper-V server?
  • Which users are logged on and when did each user login?
  • How much CPU, memory, disk, and network resources are each desktop taking?
  • What is the typical duration of a user session?
  • What applications are running on each desktop?

Intuitive Hyper-V Monitoring Dashboards, Analytics and Reports

  • VMware Horizon performance monitoring dashboards
    100% web-based monitoring console (HTTP/S)
  • VMware Horizon capacity planning
    Actionable insight for capacity planning
  • VMware Horizon baselining and performance monitoring
    Auto-baselining of performance metrics
  • VMware Horizon performance reporting
    Detailed reports for analyzing logon slowness
  • VMware Horizon user experience monitoring
    At a glance, view user experience for all users
  • VMware Horizon virtualization topology
    Intelligent VM-to-host mapping
  • VMware Horizon end-to-end monitoring
    End-to-end visibility of the entire VDI environment
  • VMware Horizon user session monitoring
    Track user experience of Blast, PCoIP and RDP sessions

Get Diagnostics for Troubleshooting Virtual Application and Desktop Performance

Go beyond Hyper-V with end-to-end visibility across heterogeneous infrastructures and comprehensive operating system metrics from every VM guest

  • Monitor CPU, memory, disk space, handles, and network traffic inside every VM
  • Monitor Hyper-V performance and resource usage, and right-size VMs
  • Get user experience insights, code level visibility, top queries, and more
  • Get 360° visibility of virtual guests and desktop performance
  • Well-recognized bottleneck indicators such as CPU and disk queue lengths are monitored so performance degradations can be proactively reported.
  • Helps eliminate downtime and application slowdowns with automatic root-cause diagnosis and proactive alerts
Explore what eG Enterprise for Microsoft Hyper-V Reveals

The Only Solution Providing Inside and Outside Monitoring of VMs

eG Innovations is the only solution providing inside and outside monitoring of VMs

Go beyond Microsoft SCVMM with end-to-end monitoring of heterogeneous infrastructures and visibility of OS metrics from every VM guest.


The Industry's First Truly Virtualization-aware Root-cause Diagnosis

eG Innovations provides the industry's first Virtualization-aware root cause diagnosis
  • Get complete 360° performance visibility of the Microsoft Hyper-V stack and beyond - network, applications, storage, databases.
  • Pre-emptively detect performance issues before users notice, using automatic baselining of normal application and system performance and usage.
  • Auto-discover inter-application, application to VM and VM to physical machine dependencies in real-time
  • Patented auto-correlation technology analyzes dependencies and helps pinpoint where the root cause of issues lies: network, database, VMware, storage, VM, etc.

Key Features & Benefits of Using eG Enterprise for Hyper-V Performance Monitoring

Key features and benefits of using eG Enterprise for VMware performance monitoring.
  • Total Performance Visibility Across the Hyper-V Infrastructure Monitor the performance of every layer, every tier of the end-to-end service so you know what's working and what's not.
  • Deep Insights into Virtual Application Performance In-depth visibility inside each application's performance so you know how the application is performing, how its virtual machine is performing and how the hypervisor it is hosted on is performing.
  • Proactive Detection and Resolution of Performance Issues Auto-baseline your Hyper-V infrastructure; get proactive alerts when your infrastructure usage and performance are abnormal. Automatically correlate across metrics from different tiers to identify and fix issues before users call.
  • Powerful Reporting Identify bottlenecks, top resource consuming applications and VMs to right-size your environment for maximum ROI.
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