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Pricing and Licensing for IT Monitoring Solution

eG Enterprise: Affordable Pricing. Simple Licensing. High ROI.

An Overview of Pricing and Licensing Options for eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise’s deployment model is designed to fit the needs of any business.

You can use eG Enterprise in any of the following ways:

  • Software solution that is installed on-premises – ideal for large organizations with strict security controls and capital budgets
  • Pay-per-use software subscription that is installed on-premises – ideal for organizations looking for lower cost start-up model and looking to pay from opex budgets
  • SaaS offering from eG Innovations or our partners – ideal for organizations that do not want the hassle of installing and maintaining the monitoring software in-house
  • Software that enables a one-time performance audit of the infrastructure – ideal for system integrators looking to perform a one time performance audit of a client’s infrastructure, for a limited time period
  • Managed services platform allowing service providers to offer enhanced monitoring, diagnosis and reporting as a value-added offering to customers. eG Enterprise’s multi-tenancy support ensures that service providers can use the same management server to support multiple customers (each customer gets their own view of the monitored infrastructure)
Start your free trial now!You can choose whatever model works for your organization’s needs. To help you get started, eG Innovations also offers a fully functional free 15-day evaluation for monitoring a few servers and applications.
(cloud deployed)
(cloud deployed)
Audit Service
(on premise or cloud)
Hardware/Software pre-requisite to be provided by the customer None VM to host the manager, SQL/Oracle database VM to host the manager, SQL/Oracle database None VM to host the manager, SQL/Oracle database
Administration rights        
Monitoring (network, systems, applications, virtualization, storage)  
Limited to 5 servers
up to 100 servers
Real-time multi-modal alerts           Not relevant
Web reporting          
Configuration & change tracking   Optional   Optional   Optional   Optional   Optional
High availability     Optional   Optional   Optional  
Synthetic user experience monitoring     Optional   Optional   Optional  
Custom monitoring     Optional   Optional   Optional  
Data retention   14 days   Unlimited   Unlimited   42 days   Unlimited
Data storage   Cloud   On premises   On premises   Cloud   Local
Upgrades   Not applicable   Annual maintenance required   Included   Included   Not applicable
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Auditing Service
eG Enterprise uses a very simple licensing model that is not dependent on the deployment model used. The licenses required are based on the number of operating systems, storage devices, or hypervisors to be monitored. With eG Enterprise's universal monitor licensing, the number of CPUs, cores or sockets on a server being monitored do not matter. Furthermore, with eG Enterprise, there is no need for different modules or management packs for different types of monitoring.

The eG Enterprise solution is an all inclusive package that allows customers to scale their monitoring solution deployment easily. The same eG universal monitor can be used to track the health of an SQL database server running on a Windows server on one day, and on another day, the same monitor can used for monitoring an Oracle database server on Solaris. The number of managed operating systems, hypervisors and storage devices determine the license count that you need for your infrastructure.

For Citrix, Microsoft RDS and virtual desktop infrastructures, eG Enterprise can also be licensed by the number of users supported by the infrastructure. Both named user models and concurrent user licenses are supported. This licensing option is ideal for infrastructures that may have smaller instances of Citrix or Microsoft RDS running where fewer users are supported by each instance.

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