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The latest release of eG Enterprise, version 6.3, made generally available on May 7, 2018, delivers a host of new features and enhancements that extend eG Enterprise's monitoring, diagnostics, analytics and reporting capabilities for enterprise IT. Monitor new platforms and devices, get deeper performance metrics to solve complex problems, and leverage actionable insights and recommendations to optimize your IT environment.

eG Enterprise provides holistic health and performance overview of applications running on physical, virtual and cloud environments. Simplify root cause identification and troubleshooting using correlated insights across user experience, application middleware and underlying infrastructure—all from a single pane of glass. Try eG Enterprise 6.3.

What's New in eG Enterprise 6.3
eG Enterprise 6.3 is the end-to-end performance monitoring solution used for on-site
physical and virtual infrastructure systems for Citrix Summit 2018.

New Features in
eG Enterprise 6.3

Performance Monitoring for Citrix Cloud

To support organizations that are migrating their VDI workloads to Citrix Cloud, eG Enterprise 6.3 offers monitoring visibility into Citrix Cloud components. With Citrix Cloud, Citrix deployment and server-side processing are now distributed across the Control Plane (hosted and managed by Citrix Systems) and Resource Plane (managed and operated by the enterprise IT team). This leads to multiple domains of control and makes performance troubleshooting more challenging.

eG Enterprise 6.3 leverages Citrix APIs to provide deep performance visibility across both the control plane and resource plane from a single pane of glass:

  • Monitoring of all the XenApp servers and XenDesktop VMs in the resource plane (on-premises or deployed in private/public cloud)
  • New purpose-built monitoring of Citrix Cloud Connectors deployed on Windows Servers in the resource plane
  • Out-of-the-box support to monitor the Citrix Delivery Controller in the control plane
  • Automated topology discovery, dependency mapping and root cause analysis
  • Synthetic simulation of user logons in the cloud with built-in Citrix Logon Simulator
  • Monitoring support for XenApp Essentials and XenDesktop Essentials on Microsoft Azure
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Deeper Monitoring and Diagnosis of Citrix Environments

eG Enterprise 6.3 has added new monitoring capabilities and enhancements for Citrix infrastructures, going deeper into the Citrix stack to detect and diagnose performance bottlenecks. These include:

  • Monitoring of Citrix adaptive transport: Automatically discover user sessions on EDT protocol and monitor performance and user experience
  • Deeper visibility to detect real user logon slowness arising from GPO processing
  • New metric to measure user’s connection quality to XenApp and XenDesktop
  • Capability to identify slow load times of Microsoft Outlook add-ins
  • Support for monitoring Linux VDAs
What's New in eG Enterprise 6.3
  • Support for monitoring XenApp & XenDesktop 7.16, and XenMobile 10.7
  • Support for monitoring NetScaler SDX appliances

Expanded Visibility into Public Cloud Environments

eG Enterprise 6.3 provides greater visibility into public cloud environments:

  • Monitoring for 31 new AWS services, including Auto Scaling, CloudSearch, CloudTrail, ElastiCache, Lambda, Simple Storage Service, Simple Notification Service, WorkSpaces, and more
  • Purpose-built monitoring model for Microsoft Azure Resource Manager deployments
  • Extended monitoring visibility for Citrix/VMware Horizon/RDP virtual workspaces hosted in the public cloud: Using a lightweight agent installed on the cloud desktop, eG Enterprise collects metrics about user experience, session performance, and VDI session resource utilization.

Application Performance Monitoring Capabilities Extended for Microsoft .NET

eG Enterprise 6.3 extends its application performance monitoring (APM) capabilities to support Microsoft .NET web applications.

  • Using a built-in .NET profiler, eG Enterprise traces application transactions across complex, multi-tiered, and distributed .NET web applications
  • Visualize the transaction flow in real time and get response time split by each .NET tier for distributed web applications
  • Easily understand which tier in the server-side architecture or which remote service call is causing slowness
  • Get method-level visibility to pinpoint the exact line of application code that is causing application slowdown

eG Enterprise 6.3 supports tracing transactions through cross-platform .NET and Java application architectures.

Increased Depth and Breadth of Unified Monitoring

eG Enterprise 6.3 ships with support for a host of new devices and platforms, expanding the reach of monitoring for today’s heterogeneous IT infrastructures. eG Enterprise 6.3 includes:

  • Support for MariaDB, RabbitMQ, HAProxy, Oracle Data Guard, IBM WebSphere Liberty, and more
  • Support for new storage systems: Pure Storage, Dell EMC XtremIO All-Flash Storage Array, Dell EMC VNXe Series Storage, HPE LeftHand P4000 SAN
  • Support for new network devices: Dell Networking S-Series and N-Series Switches, Array Network Load Balancer and Radware Alteon Load Balancer, Cisco Access Points
  • A new, built-in NetFlow Traffic Analyzer reports on traffic flows exported from NetFlow-enabled devices
  • Enhancements for monitoring Windows Servers and IBM System i (AS/400) Servers
  • New built-in logon simulator for VMware Horizon environments
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New Reports in
eG Enterprise 6.3

eG Enterprise 6.3 also includes a range of new reports for historical data analytics, actionable intelligence, and data-driven decision-making. These new reports include logon simulator reports, Citrix NetScaler users report, SharePoint site traffic analysis report, business transaction monitoring reports, eG Enterprise license usage reports, and a built-in report for a history of alarm acknowledgements.

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