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Performance assurance for enterprise applications like SAP, Siebel and PeopleSoft

Enterprise Monitoring 2018: Converged Application and Infrastructure Monitoring from a Single Pane of Glass

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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Enterprise Application Monitoring

Enterprise applications like SAP, Siebel and PeopleSoft are business critical. Slow or poor performance of these applications can result in revenue loss for businesses, unhappy users and lost productivity.

eG Enterprise Universal Insight helps operations teams assure the performance of enterprise applications. By monitoring, analyzing and correlating the performance of all the tiers that support the application, it helps organizations proactively detect and fix issues. Empirical data helps architects optimize and right-size their applications for maximal performance and utilization.


eG Innovations Performance Management Overview

Enterprise applications are being deployed in a multi-tier architecture (web, J2EE, database, etc.).  While multi-tier architectures offer scalability, they make monitoring and diagnosis harder. Since there are inter-dependencies between the tiers, a problem in one tier can impact all the other tiers. The administrator's challenge is how quickly he/she can identify where the problem lies (network? firewall? web? Java? SAP? database?) and resolve the problem quickly.

The deployment of enterprise applications on virtual machines poses additional challenges. The application performance is affected by that of the VM and the hypervisor it is running on. Dynamic migration of VMs further accentuates the problem.

eG Innovations provides the best value for the money coupling visibility and excellent reporting. Using their automatic root cause analysis we avoided throwing $$ at the problem and realized $20K in savings - immediately.
Rob Salmon
CEO, Office Port



Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano
Senior Manager, Allscripts

With eG Innovations, we are reducing system maintenance and support costs, avoiding incremental IT spending and eliminating system downtime across the hospital. Performance and prediction reports help us optimize IT spending and save $100,000 per year.

Peter Bakker
Manager, ICT GHZ

With eG Enterprise, we can now quickly identify root causes of incidents, resolving them before users are impacted. Automatic prioritization and categorization of alerts helps us better focus on the important issues and prioritize our resources accordingly.

Andrew Gowlett
Senior Consultant, C5 Alliance

The eG Innovations performance monitoring suite gives us performance insight into our business-critical applications that deliver timetables to travelers via websites, signage and mobile apps. It provides real-time and detailed visibility in the performance of every key component and their dependencies, both internal and outsourced, from end to end. With this detailed view and eG Enterprise's prediction and analysis reports, we can be proactive instead of reactive.

Thomas de Hoog
Technical Coordinator, Travel Information GVB


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