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Top 7 Tomcat Metrics for Java Performance Monitoring

What is Apache Tomcat?

Tuning Apache Tomcat improves performance

The Apache Tomcat software is an open-source implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages (JSPs), Java Expression Language and Java WebSocket technologies. Tomcat is often used as a backend application server that connects to other web-facing servers like Apache and Microsoft IIS. Tomcat also includes its own native HTTP connector that allows it to be used as a standalone HTTP server. According to a Plumbr survey, Tomcat is by far the most favored choice for deploying and hosting highly transactional Java applications and services, with close to a 70% market share.

To ensure the availability and performance of such applications, performance monitoring is essential. In this blog, we discuss the top seven areas that performance monitoring solutions need to cover so IT operations teams have the insights they need to proactively monitor the performance of a Tomcat application server and the applications hosted on it.

The Architecture of a Tomcat Server

To determine the key areas we need to focus on to get the best performance out of a Tomcat server, let's look at the Tomcat architecture. The key components are:

Understanding the architecture of a Tomcat application server is important to knowing where problems can arise

Architecture of a Tomcat application server

Proactively Monitoring Tomcat Performance

Monitoring the Tomcat application server identifies where java application slowness is occurring

It is essential to have a proactive monitoring tool in place to monitor all of the above seven key areas of Tomcat performance. Administrators can use these metrics to learn about Tomcat configuration issues and bottlenecks. Development teams can also benefit from the insights provided by these monitoring tools. They can identify which line of application code or which database query is causing application slowness.

eG Enterprise from eG Innovations offers 360° visibility into all aspects of Tomcat application performance. From a single pane of glass, administrators can see the performance of the Tomcat server, the underlying JVM, the server operating system, as well as the virtual or containerized environment in which Tomcat is running.

Detecting Code-Level Issues in Java Applications

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