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Unified application performance monitoring, diagnosis and reporting made easy


eG Innovations helps you radically simplify and accelerate application performance monitoring across mission-critical virtual, cloud and physical IT infrastructures to boost user experience and return on investment (ROI). Our flagship product, eG Enterprise embeds an automated performance monitoring and root-cause diagnosis technology that connects the dots and automatically pinpoints IT service performance issues with accuracy. By auto-correlating the user experience with the underlying infrastructure and application components, eG Enterprise makes application performance monitoring easy, effective and efficient. Take a closer look at eG Enterprise’s unique capabilities and see how they help you deliver exceptional IT service performance, user satisfaction and ROI.

Automatic Root-Cause Performance Diagnosis

Root-Cause Performance Diagnosis - Infrastructure Monitoring ToolsWhen users call and complain about slow applications, it is difficult and time consuming to pinpoint the root-cause of the problem with accuracy. Is it the Java application, database, Citrix, VMware, storage, network or  the cloud? 

eG Enterprise is the only solution that automates and dramatically accelerates the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of application performance issues – across virtual, physical and cloud infrastructures. This way you can resolve performance issues with accuracy in minutes rather than days. And your highly skilled staff can be more productive rather than fighting fires all day.

Complete 360° Performance Monitoring

Topology Performance Monitor - Infrastructure Monitoring ToolsToday’s dynamic, virtualized IT infrastructures are increasingly complex. Traditional application performance monitoring tools have limited visibility into service dependencies between users, applications, and IT infrastructure, preventing rapid performance diagnosis and resolution of bottlenecks.

eG Enterprise provides complete, 360° performance visibility and auto-correlation of all dependencies that impact user experience – network, storage, virtualization application and database tiers. By connecting the dots, eG Enterprise turns vast amounts of disparate data into actionable, accurate performance insights.

Pre-Emptive Problem Detection and Alerting

Performance Problem Detection - Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

84% of customers found that eG Enterprise helped them avoid application outages by identifying problems before users noticed. The key to this is collecting metrics like TCP retransmissions, queue lengths for different applications and CPU ready time for VMs that are early warning indicators.

By analyzing historical data and considering time of day and day of week patterns, eG Enterprise auto-computes baselines for all metrics. Based on these benchmarks, eG Enterprise pre-emptively alerts you to possible anomalies in the infrastructure - even before users notice. You can thus prevent service downtime, ensure great performance and enhance user satisfaction.

Rapid ROI Through Right-Sizing and Optimization

Rapid ROI Through Right-Sizing and Optimization - Infrastructure Monitoring ToolsFaced with performance issues, many IT managers throw hardware at the problem. This leads to cost overruns and stalled IT initiatives.

With eG Enterprise, you can compare the utilization levels of every layer, every tier of the infrastructure, understand the cause of high utilization (is it due to load, or unexpected accesses or malfunctioning applications), determine where the true bottlenecks lie and make the right investments at the right time so as to boost your ROI. Empirical reports also help you determine how to balance load across your infrastructure and get the most out of your current investments.

Auto-Baselining and Thresholding

Auto-Baselining and Thresholding - Infrastructure Monitoring ToolsComplex infrastructures generate thousands of dynamic performance metrics with time-varying values, which makes it virtually impossible to specify and manage them manually. eG Enterprise provides automated baselining and thresholding with automatic self-learning based on historic patterns and statistical quality control techniques – so you don’t have to manually set thousands of metrics and can focus on more important tasks. Baselines are set automatically and deviations trigger an alert so that administrators are informed pre-emptively before problems escalate and impact user experience.

Comprehensive Reporting and Trending

Reporting and Trending - Application Performance Monitoring ToolsAdministrators and architects must understand how the IT infrastructure is functioning and where the bottlenecks are. eG Enterprise offers a wealth of pre-built reports on applications, infrastructure and server health.

You can zoom into a specific time window and correlate metrics across different layers and tiers for post-mortem diagnosis of problems. Customized reports for each infrastructure tier give you just the information you need to figure if your infrastructure is sized correctly and if not, where optimizations can be done. Trend analysis and prediction reports highlight areas that may require your attention in the future.

Automatic Topology, Dependency Discovery and Mapping

Automatic Topology, Dependency Discovery and Mapping - Application Performance Monitoring ToolsToday’s IT infrastructures are heavily inter-dependent. There are application-to-application, application-to-VM, VM-to-physical machine and application-to-network dependencies. Mapping these correctly is critical for root-cause diagnosis. Manually configuring dependencies is impossible in highly dynamic and virtualized IT infrastructures.

eG Enterprise auto-discovers all application and infrastructure tiers and their complex dependencies. These dependencies are updated in real-time as well. By analysing the inter-dependencies and correlating metrics across infrastructure tiers, eG Enterprise makes problem identification and diagnosis very easy.

Configuration Change Tracking and Correlation

Tracking and Correlation - Application Performance Monitoring ToolsConfiguration of an infrastructure and its performance go hand-in-hand. A high percentage of performance issues are caused by incorrect or unintended configuration changes. Therefore, for accurate root-cause diagnosis, it is important to track configurations and changes in configurations at each tier.

With eG Enterprise, you can compare current configurations across servers and applications and identify areas where the configurations differ. You can also track all the configuration changes and time correlate then with performance issues. This way, you can quickly pinpoint if a configuration change has led to a performance degradation and revert it.

Universal Monitoring Agent

Universal Monitoring Agent - Application Performance Monitoring ToolsYou probably already have many legacy infrastructure monitoring tools and agents deployed – and you are not looking to add any more complexity.

eG’s universal agent licensing model allows unparalleled flexibility and simplicity in the deployment of the performance management system. Licensing is based on server OS or users - not on CPUs/cores, the OS or even the specific application components being monitored. Administrators also have flexibility to choose between agent and agentless options – so you can select the right monitoring approach to fit your unique requirements and monitored systems.

Unparalleled Virtualization Monitoring

Unparalleled Virtualization Monitoring - Application Performance Monitoring ToolsVirtualized IT infrastructures are highly dynamic and heterogeneous, making manual performance diagnosis with legacy tools impossible.

eG Enterprise’s unique, patented In-N-Out monitoring technology delivers both depth and breadth of insight into virtual application performance. It is the only virtualization performance management solution that provides both an outside view of a VM indicating the hypervisor’s physical resources used by a VM, and an inside view of the VM indicating which application(s) and user(s) of the VM are causing the resource usage.

Easy Integration & Extensibility

Integration & Extensibility - Application Performance Monitoring ToolsThe eG Integration Console enables administrators to extend eG Enterprise for new and customized network and application elements. Through a web-based interface, administrators can easily add new applications and network device types, build customized models for monitoring and diagnosing these components, add new monitoring capabilities for these components, etc. Complete flexibility is provided so users can implement new monitoring capabilities quickly and easily, using different interfaces for the monitoring, e.g., log file analysis, custom application APIs, SNMP, etc. 

100% Web-Based Architecture

Web-Based Architecture - Application Performance Monitoring ToolsMost traditional monitoring and performance management require extensive policy and firewall re-configurations to collect and communicate metrics.

Because eG Enterprise uses standard web-based HTTP/HTTPS protocols for all agent / manager communication, the server being managed can be deployed within a private network or in the public cloud, and as long as the agent has connectivity to the management system (using HTTP/HTTPS), the monitoring can be started immediately. No additional firewall rules need to be configured since standard web protocols are used for communication.

Multi-Tenancy and Personalized Views

Personalized Views - Application Performance Monitoring ToolsThe eG manager is multi-tenant. Metrics from multiple customer sites (even geographically dispersed) can be collected and integrated into a single eG manager. Each customer/user then gets a personalized view, so they see and can report on the state of their infrastructure alone – network, servers, applications, etc

Users can also be assigned limited administration capability so they can set baselines for their servers, configure the monitoring for their servers, etc.

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