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VMware Performance Management

Performance Management in VMware Infrastructures is Critical for Success

Virtualization using VMware technologies offers enterprises great benefits - cost savings, energy savings, operational efficiency from resource sharing etc. At the same time, virtualization also introduces more complexity. There are additional layers of software and hardware to be managed. Users of virtualized applications expect the infrastructure to be as reliable and as fast as their experience with applications on physical infrastructures. A single failure in the infrastructure can cause a slow-down in application performance and can impact the user experience and key business processes.
VMware Monitoring Tool
Slow and complex problem diagnosis and lack of visibility across virtualized environments were the top two challenges reported by VMware administrators in a recent poll by eG Innovations.

Limitations of Today's VMware Performance Management Tools

More often than not, VMware performance management tools are limited: they provide graphs and reports on virtual machine and hypervisor resource usage, but do not have visibility beyond the virtualization tier. They also provide a lot of raw data that administrators have to sift through to determine what is wrong – there is very little actionable information for administrators to quickly determine what they need to do to keep their VMware infrastructure working at peak performance.

End-To-End Performance Management is Needed for VMware Infrastructures

Performance management tools that are silo-oriented (i.e., focus on one technology tier - e.g., VMware) are not sufficient to manage today's complex, inter-dependent IT infrastructures. When users complain about performance problems, the problem could be anywhere in the infrastructure - it could be in the network, or the database, or the application, or storage, or in the VMware servers. These are the toughest performance problems that IT administrators have to handle. IT administrators are provided access to a number of specialized tools for each infrastructure tier, and they often struggle to determine the true root-cause of a problem. Problem diagnosis is time consuming, requires a great deal of expertise and often involves lengthy bridge calls between operations staff and when all this happens, the user experience and service performance suffers.

VMware Monitoring and Management

The eG Monitor for VMware Infrastructures - Providing Total Visibility into Virtual Application Performance End-to-End

The eG Monitor for VMware Infrastructures, part of the eG Enterprise suite, is a complete performance management solution for IT infrastructures that are partly or fully virtualized. By monitoring every layer of every tier of the infrastructure - from network to the servers, from the virtualization platform to storage, the eG Monitor for VMware infrastructures provides administrators with total performance visibility. With the eG Enterprise monitoring, diagnosis and reporting solution, administrators get actionable insights into the true cause of cross-domain service performance issues so they can dramatically accelerate the discovery, diagnosis, and resolution of service performance issues in their virtual, cloud, and physical infrastructures.
Patented VMware ESX Management System Patented VMware ESX Management System
Patented VMware ESX Management System

eG's Software a Hit

by Joe Foran

eG gets it, and it gets IT. The "it" the company gets is business. There were a lot of entries in the category, ranging from desktop virtualization management, cloud computing management and traditional system/network management. eG stood out because its product took a real user problem (in the demo, customers who had problems depositing money via a bank website) all the way through the final root cause analysis, and did so in a clear, consistent fashion that was very easy to trace back to the relative obscurity of a Samba process gone haywire on a file server. The company's service-level agreement (SLA) awareness was elegant, particularly in that a failure to meet an SLA was a source of system alerts. Its mix of agentless and lightweight agents and its ability to manage system alerts in real time was great, akin to many of the others in the category. In the end, the business awareness put eG over the top.


The eG Monitor for VMware Infrastructures: Key Features & Benefits

Here is how the eG Monitor for VMware infrastructures helps you improve user productivity and the performance of your mission critical business services hosted on VMware servers:
  • Total Performance Visibility across the VMware infrastructure
    Monitor the performance of every layer, every tier of the end-to-end service so you know what's working and what's not.
  • Deep Insights into Virtual Application Performance
    In-depth visibility inside each application's performance so you know how the application is performing, how its virtual machine is performing and how the hypervisor it is hosted on is performing.
  • Pro-Active Detection and Resolution of Performance Issues
    Auto-baseline your VMware infrastructure; Get proactive alerts when your infrastructure usage and performance are abnormal. Automatically correlate across metrics from different tiers to identify and fix issues before users call.
  • Powerful Reporting
    Identify bottlenecks, top resource consuming applications and VMs to right-size your environment for maximum ROI.

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