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Citrix End-User Experience Monitoring with eG Enterprise

Ensure fast and uninterrupted Citrix access to ensure business productivity and user satisfaction

Citrix User Experience – A Key for Business Success

Citrix End-User Experience Monitoring with eG Enterprise

Citrix technology is used to provide remote users with access to key business applications. If Citrix access is not available or slow, users will be less productive and the business will suffer. To ensure Citrix success, administrators need to be sure that the Citrix user experience is always optimal.

There are many facets to the Citrix user experience. Key aspects include: logon time when the user connects to the service, application launch time when the user first accesses an application or a desktop, screen refresh latency when the user performs interactive tasks, and available bandwidth when a user performs actions in the application.


Monitoring the Citrix End-User Experience with eG Enterprise

Citrix is one of the most performance-sensitive applications in enterprise networks. A performance issue anywhere in the infrastructure can lead to users reporting that Citrix is slow or not working well.

To ensure great user experience, Citrix administrators must be able to monitor all the different aspects of Citrix user experience proactively. And when a user experience issue is detected, they must be able to quickly detect and resolve issues to minimize downtime.

eG Enterprise: All-in-One in One Solution for Citrix User Experience Monitoring

What's New in eG Enterprise v7

eG Enterprise is a purpose-built Citrix Ready certified solution to monitor, diagnose and report on Citrix user experience. With eG Enterprise, administrators can:



Who does Citrix use to monitor Citrix? eG Innovations.
Since mid-2014, eG Enterprise has been the exclusive performance monitoring solution for the on-site infrastructure running Citrix’s major user and partner events, Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy.

Benefits of Citrix User Experience Monitoring

Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano
Senior Manager, Allscripts


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