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Performance Monitoring Tools Guide for Citrix Administrators

All you need to know about Citrix Performance Monitoring Options

Citrix performance monitoring tools are needed across the enterprise

Many of the world's largest businesses rely on Citrix technologies for providing anytime, anywhere access to key IT applications and desktops for their employees, partners, contractors, etc. Therefore, Citrix digital workspaces are business critical. Slowness or unavailability of these services affects employee productivity and business revenue. Hence, performance monitoring is integral to the success of any Citrix digital workspace deployment. Citrix administrators must monitor their digital workspaces to make sure that logon times are within acceptable limits, that applications launch fast when users launch them, that keystroke latency is good, etc.


Who does Citrix use to monitor Citrix? eG Innovations. 
Since 2014, eG Enterprise has been the exclusive performance monitoring solution for the on-site infrastructure running Citrix's major user and partner events, Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy.Citrix Monitoring - Xenapp Performance Report
State-of-the-art Citrix monitoring solution for end-to-end performance analytics

Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.


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