Citrix Studio

What is Citrix Studio?

Administrators can manage a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployment using two management consoles: Web Studio (web-based) and Citrix Studio (Windows-based).

  • Web Studio: This is a web-based management console that lets admins configure and manage their on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployment. It’s designed for an improved user experience and generally responds faster than Citrix Studio, the Windows-based management console.
  • Citrix Studio: Citrix Studio is the management console where admins can configure and manage their Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployment. Citrix Studio eliminates the need for separate management consoles for managing delivery of applications and desktops. Citrix Studio provides wizards to guide an admin through environment setup, creating workloads to host applications and desktops, and assigning applications and desktops to users. Admins can also use Studio to allocate and track Citrix licenses for their site.

How does Citrix Studio gets its information?

Citrix Studio gets the information it displays from the Citrix Broker Service of the Citrix Delivery Controller, communicating over TCP port 80. While Citrix Director presents historical data for monitoring and reporting from the site database, Citrix Studio only accesses real-time data.

What configurations can be performed using Citrix Studio?

Citrix Studio is the main management console for administering, configuring and managing Citrix virtual app and desktop sites from a single pane of glass. An admin set up the machines that deliver applications and desktops with machine catalogs. Then, the admin can create delivery groups that specify the applications and desktops that will be available (using machines in the catalogs), and which users can access them. Optionally, an admin can then create application groups to manage collections of applications.

Citrix Studio also allows admins to integrate Citrix StoreFront and Microsoft App-V to a site, and it is also the place where an admin can add and configure a Host Connection (to the underlying Hypervisor/cloud platform), manage and initiate Machine Creation Services, set up delegated administration, and so on.

Does Citrix Studio help with troubleshooting?

Yes, basic troubleshooting can be performed using Citrix Studio. From Studio you can run several self-diagnostics tests on your Delivery Groups and Machine Catalogs. This test will let you know about any issues and/or errors that occurred during the tests.

How does Citrix Studio compare with Citrix Director?

Citrix Studio and Citrix Director are both management consoles provided by Citrix, but they serve different purposes and target different user roles within a Citrix environment. While Citrix Studio is primarily used for the initial deployment and ongoing management of the Citrix infrastructure, Citrix Director is focused on monitoring, troubleshooting, and providing support for user sessions within that infrastructure. One of the limitations of Citrix Director is its focus on just some of the Citrix tiers. Because it doesn’t provide an end-to-end view of the service delivery chain, Citrix customers often have to deploy Citrix Ready monitoring solutions like eG Enterprise. Learn more about comprehensive Citrix monitoring capabilities from a single pane of glass here:

For a detailed comparison of Citrix Director and eG Enterprise, see: