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New in eG Enterprise 6.3

Extending Reach, Depth and Speed for Performance Monitoring in Enterprise IT

Enabling Enterprise IT to Achieve Performance Success

What's New in eG Enterprise 6.3

The latest release of eG Enterprise, version 6.3, made generally available on May 7, 2018, delivers a host of new features and enhancements that extend eG Enterprise's monitoring, diagnostics, analytics and reporting capabilities for enterprise IT. Monitor new platforms and devices, get deeper performance metrics to solve complex problems, and leverage actionable insights and recommendations to optimize your IT environment.

eG Enterprise provides holistic health and performance overview of applications running on physical, virtual and cloud environments. Simplify root cause identification and troubleshooting using correlated insights across user experience, application middleware and underlying infrastructure—all from a single pane of glass. Try eG Enterprise 6.3.

eG Enterprise 6.3 is the end-to-end performance monitoring solution used for on-site physical and virtual infrastructure systems for Citrix Summit 2018.

New Features in eG Enterprise 6.3


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