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Lifecycle of eG Enterprise Products

There are three phases in the lifecycle of an eG Enterprise version:

  • General Availability (GA): when a version becomes available for production use.
  • End of Support (EOS): when updates and bug fixes for a version stop (usually after the GA of the next version)
  • End of Life (EOL): when we stop responding to any requests from customers running this version. EOL is usually 18 months from the GA of the next release.

Customers are encouraged to upgrade to the next version well before the EOL of a version. When an issue reported by a customer is resolved by a later release, we generally recommend that customers upgrade to the latest release to overcome any problems they have and to get the latest functionalities.

Key Deadlines for eG Enterprise versions

Version GA EOS EOL
6.2.1 Aug 2016 Jan 2018 Jul 2019
6.3.1 Jan 2018 Nov 2019 May 2021
7.1.2 Nov 2019 May 2020 Nov 2021
7.1.4 May 2020 Aug 2020 Feb 2022
7.1.6 Aug 2020 Feb 2021 Aug 2022
7.1.8 Feb 2021 - -

Contact our support team if you have any questions about EOS/EOL dates for eG Enterprise.


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