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Managing application performance in cloud and virtual infrastructures

Application Performance Management 

Application performance issues are business impacting. Loss of user productivity, reduced satisfaction and increased operational costs are some of the effects of poor application performance. eG Enterprise Universal Insight is a comprehensive solution that simplifies the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of application performance problems.

With eG Enterprise, administrators do not have to guess why users complain that "the application is slow". By monitoring, analyzing and correlating metrics across every layer, every tier of the infrastructure, they can pinpoint where the root-cause lies.

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Multi-tier application architectures used widely today provide scalability, but they also pose challenges for managing application performance. Inter-dependencies between applications and network tiers make it difficult for administrators to identify the true cause of a slowdown. Virtualization of application tiers adds to the problem.

Most organizations use different tools for monitoring each of their infrastructure tiers. Application performance is measured end-to-end, not tier-by-tier. As a result, administrators have to spend long hours analyzing and correlating metrics from all the tiers to diagnose a problem. This leads to a slow and manual process that requires a lot of expertise to get right.

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  • Application Performance Management
    Application Performance Management for Cloud and Virtual Infrastructures
    • Enhance Application Performance: Automatically correlate performance across every layer and tier of the infrastructure and get the actionable intelligence you need to prevent application slowness.
    • Increase Operational Efficiency: A unified, customizable interface provides intuitive end-to-end application topologies and single-click drill downs for root-cause analysis. Eliminate IT helpdesk guesswork, reduce time to resolution and ensure business continuity and user productivity.
    • Ensure IT Effectiveness: Use empirical performance data in historical reports to right-size your infrastructure, eliminate cost overruns and ensure that capacity planning meets your business needs.
  • End-to-End Performance Monitoring
    Unified Monitoring of Every Layer, Every Application Tier

    With eG Enterprise, administrators have visibility into the performance of the application end-to-end. From a web console, they can view the status of every tier supporting the application - network, middleware, virtualization, storage, and database. Key application user experience metrics as well as tier-wise resource metrics are collected using our universal agent/agentless monitoring technology.

    The metrics are auto-baselined and any deviations from the norm are flagged as proactive alerts. The metrics are mapped to a hierarchical layer model that is custom-built for each tier and alerts are correlated across the layers, so administrators can easily pin-point which layer is causing a problem.

  • End-to-End Performance Monitoring
    Active and Passive Application Monitoring in a Single Solution

    eG Enterprise is a single solution that monitors application performance from a black-box or external perspective and also from a white-box or internal perspective. Both approaches have their benefits. By combining these two approaches, eG Enterprise provides the best of both worlds.

    External monitors can be deployed anywhere in your infrastructure and used to emulate synthetic users and report on the expected performance. Internal monitors track real users and their experience when they access your applications.

    This comprehensive application performance monitoring capability allows you to track user experience proactively, identify times when your application is slow and take action proactively, before users complain.

  • Root-Cause Diagnosis Solution
    The Industry's Only Virtualization-Aware Automatic Root-Cause Diagnosis Solution

    Diagnosing the cause of application performance slowness is the toughest application performance monitoring challenge today. eG Enterprise’s patented auto-correlation engine provides the answer to this.

    In real-time, it analyzes and correlates performance of every tier of the infrastructure, considering all the different dependencies that exist in a virtualized infrastructure. Taking into account application to application, application to VM, VM to physical machine, and application to network dependencies, eG Enterprise differentiates the root-cause of a problem from its effects. This unique capability helps administrators identify and resolve the cause of an application slowdown (is it the network? database? application? virtualization? storage?) in just one click.

  • Identify the Application Performance Problem
    A General Practitioner for Your Application Infrastructure

    When there is an application performance problem, eG Enterprise helps determine what action must be taken to triage the problem and which domain(s) is responsible for it:

    • Avoid finger-pointing between domain administrators
    • Rapidly zoom into the root-cause of a problem and fix them
    • Easily pin-point the problematic tiers and involve just the right administrators for fixing a problem
    • Focus on the cause of the problem and not be distracted by the effects
  • Right-Size and Optimize the Application Infrastructure
    • Executive reports provide high-level overviews of performance. Operations reports provide IT administrators with detailed drilldowns
    • Historical reports help application architects assess performance before and after migration
    • Application architects can use the capacity planning and forecasting reports for optimizing and right-sizing the infrastructure and to determine where future investments are to be made
    • Comparison reports highlight differences in workloads processed by different servers, thereby indicating potential opportunities for load balancing and performance optimization

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano
Senior Manager, Allscripts

With eG Innovations, we are reducing system maintenance and support costs, avoiding incremental IT spending and eliminating system downtime across the hospital. Performance and prediction reports help us optimize IT spending and save $100,000 per year.

Peter Bakker
Manager, ICT GHZ

We can now quickly identify root causes of incidents, resolving them before users are impacted. Automatic prioritization and categorization of alerts helps  us better focus on the important issues and prioritize our resources accordingly.

Andrew Gowlett
Senior Consultant, C5 Alliance
eG Enterprise
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