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eG Enterprise's converged application and infrastructure monitoring provide easy answers to the toughest IT question of today: "Why is my application slow?" and it supports any type of application - VDI, COTS, web, etc.

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Why Monitor Your Full Stack Java Framework
eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise provides customers a comprehensive application performance strategy that focuses not only on digital experience and business transactions but also on application dependencies and infrastructure performance with deep-level diagnostics. This comes with at a much more affordable price than New Relic along with an easier and more flexible licensing model. This converged approach to application and infrastructure monitoring is a key to answering today's toughest IT question: "why is my application slow?".

Java stack monitoring shows why the application is slow
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If you’re looking for a monitoring tool with APM (business transaction monitoring, real user monitoring), infrastructure and network monitoring capabilities and you want to get quick results, eG Enterprise is the right tool for you. In addition, you don’t need much human resources for the implementation and maintenance.

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A Comparison:
eG Enterprise vs
New Relic

  • Ease of Installation: With New Relic, administrators need to manually push the agents into the environment during war room situations/production issues. On the contrary, eG Enterprise can help the admins to automatically discover and attach the agent to existing Java processes without any disruption to the production environment.
  • Alert Policy: When using New Relic, the IT team needs to set alerts manually to notify whenever there are critical issues but with eG Enterprise, administrators have the advantage of intelligent and out-of-box color-coded alerts by which they do not miss out on any production issue.
  • Code-level visibility: eG Enterprise offers complete visibility into specific line of code for POJO (Plain Old Java Objects) and IT Operations need not make any manual changes at the code-level for monitoring. But, in New Relic, IT Ops need to add manual custom instrumentation to the Java code and there is lack of visibility into POJO.
APM monitoring for customer satisfaction
  • Visibility into JVMs and Application Server: New Relic's visibility into Java Virtual Machines (JVM) and App Server is restricted to JVM memory, App Server threads, HTTP sessions, and data sources. eG Enterprise provides comprehensive coverage across JVM, application server, and web containers. The IT Ops teams can also track heap/non-heap memory usage, detect memory leaks, determine the health of garbage collection, identify blocked and deadlocked threads. Additionally, eG Enterprise also provides deep insight into application servers, including Tomcat, WebLogic, JBoss EAP, WildFly, WebSphere, GlassFish, and more.
JVM and application server visibility
  • Correlation between application and infrastructure tiers: With New Relic, there is no explicit correlation between applications and infrastructure and hence the onus is on the IT administrators to navigate across multiple monitoring screens to diagnose issues. By autocorrelating application performance data with infrastructure tiers, eG Enterprise accurately pinpoints the root cause and dependencies by isolating the exact reason of slowness, downtime, etc.
  • User Session Analysis: Using New Relic, the admins cannot tag usernames for session analysis, while eG Enterprise analyses the user experience and tracks user behavior for user journey analysis.
  • Security Risk and Network Overhead: New Relic sends a firehose of data including personally identifiable information to its cloud servers, which can increase the network overhead in the environment. eG Enterprise uses a local agent to ensure that personally identifiable information is not sent outside your organization, which also helps in maintaining a lower network overhead.
  • Data Privacy: As New Relic sends customer data to its cloud servers, it may require the legal team to review the data for data privacy implications with edits being made to the privacy policy as a result. However, eG Enterprise's agent is installed on the client side, which ensures no personally identifiable information is shared outside the company.
  • Reports: There is no significant out-of-box (OOB) reporting facility with New Relic while eG Enterprise offers actionable OOB reports across all layers - Real User Monitoring (RUM), business transactions, JVM performance, Application Server performance, Host Machine performance, and so on.
New Relic sends customer data to the cloud

Top reasons to Choose
eG Enterprise
over New Relic for Java Application Performance Monitoring

Simplified installation, configuration, and management:

In war room situations or critical production environments, immediate visibility is the key to success. eG Enterprise eases out the burdens of IT teams by simplifying the installation, configuration, and management process of Java APM. This helps to save time in a clustered environment and enables the IT Ops team to quickly diagnose the issues in production environments.

Swiss-knife approach for the entire Java application stack:

IT teams can now automatically discover application components, interdependencies, and detect user experience issues in real time and provide detailed reports to the management. They can also trace business transactions to identify slowness in the application, infrastructure, or dependencies such as third-party APIs and resolve them. Deep-level diagnostics of JVMs, containers, and other supporting stack helps IT teams to quickly isolate problems and solve them.

Helps IT Ops, App Ops and DevOps teams through converged application and infra monitoring:

IT teams can leverage topology mapping along with tier and layer-wise drilldowns to easily diagnose the root cause of problems (i.e., application-level or infrastructure-level). Application and DevOps teams can find the reason for any slowness in application layers by looking through the entire Java stack, thus identifying bottlenecks in the application and fix them accordingly.

Affordable pricing to suit varied requirements of organizations:

eG Enterprise licensing is based on servers unlike New Relic, which is based on user accounts and on the volume of data stored on New Relic. As eG Enterprise has comprehensive monitoring capabilities, there is no requirement to purchase an additional management pack for monitoring across diverse IT environments. IT teams can also customize the pricing based on their deployment scenario to decrease TCO and increase their ROI.

eG Innovations: A World Leader in APM

eG Innovations has been named as a Top 10 Global Vendor for Continuous Application Performance Management by Research in Action in the 2019 CAPM Vendor Selection Matrix™.

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