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WebSphere Performance Monitoring using eG Enterprise

Get comprehensive performance visibility of WebSphere and all your Java applications

End-to-End IBM WebSphere Performance Monitoring

WebSphere Monitoring | eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise is a full stack application performance monitoring (APM) solution that provides in-depth performance visibility into IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and the Java applications running on it. Achieve WebSphere performance monitoring from a single pane of glass, and be the first to know when there are slow application transactions, high web service response time, problems in EJB invocation, hung threads, faults in JCA Connection Pools, JVM memory leaks, and more.

eG Enterprise helps administrators monitor WebSphere performance and understand and provide insights to troubleshoot problems before application users are affected. Developers can get immediate access to problematic Java code or SQL queries that impact application performance.




Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

eG Enterprise gives us performance insight into our business-critical applications. It provides real-time and detailed visibility of every key component. With its prediction and analysis reports, we can be proactive instead of reactive.

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