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Tomcat Monitoring Tools

Get complete performance visibility into all Tomcat Java applications

Why Monitor Apache Tomcat?

Monitoring All Aspects of Tomcat performance

The Tomcat application server is one of the more popular server implementations for Java web applications. Implementing a "pure Java" HTTP web server, Apache Tomcat supports Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Java EL, and WebSockets, thereby making it a favored choice for deploying and hosting highly transactional Java applications and services.

To ensure high application performance, it is essential to monitor the Tomcat application server, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) it uses, the application components it hosts and the infrastructure tiers supporting it. IT teams and developers need the capability to proactively detect performance problems before they impact end-users of the Java application.

Full Stack Apache Tomcat Performance Monitoring

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eG Enterprise is a full-stack application performance monitoring solution that delivers in-depth insights into Java applications powered by Tomcat. From an intuitive web console, application owners, developers and administrators can:

Learn what are the top 7 Tomcat Metrics to Monitor to Ensure Peak Performance

What eG Enterprise Monitoring for Apache Tomcat Offers


Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

eG Enterprise gives us performance insight into our business-critical applications. It provides real-time and detailed visibility of every key component. With its prediction and analysis reports, we can be proactive instead of reactive.

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