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The Complete Monitoring Solution for Citrix Virtual Desktops

Ensure successful VDI rollout and achieve maximum performance

Citrix Ready

eG Enterprise is a Citrix Ready certified monitoring solution purpose-built for Citrix virtual apps and virtual desktop technologies. Incorporating deep domain expertise and embedded analytics, eG Enterprise delivers performance assurance for the entire virtual desktop infrastructure - from user to virtual desktop, virtualization to storage, network to cloud.

End-to-End Monitoring and Performance Assurance for Citrix Virtual Desktops

XenDesktop Performance Monitoring Tools from eG Innovations
  • Monitor all aspects of virtual desktop performance from logon to desktop access, application launch, and session resource usage
  • Obtain deep visibility into HDX virtual channels and measure Citrix user experience for every desktop session
  • Manage the Citrix virtual desktop service end-to-end, not just as individual silos
  • Troubleshoot faster with automated root cause diagnosis
  • Leverage built-in reports and analytics for optimizing and scaling the Citrix environment

Comprehensive Citrix Virtual Desktop Monitoring

    Automated Diagnosis
    • Automatic dependency mapping and topology discovery
    • Virtualization- and cloud-aware automated root cause diagnosis
    • Prove it is not Citrix and find the real cause of performance problems
    Proactive Alerting
    • Proactive alerts based on synthetic simulation of virtual desktop access
    • Situational awareness with self-learning auto-baselines
    • Aggregated alerts for executive-level insight
    Powerful Analytics & Reporting
    • Access to historical data and trends through intuitive reports
    • Citrix-specific reports for post-mortem analysis of problems
    • VDI capacity planning and right-sizing analytics
    • User active/idle time monitoring report
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Best Suited for VDI Readiness and Performance Assessment

Citrix XenDesktop Monitoring delivers high performance VDI services
  • Baseline VDI density, demand, usage and infrastructure metrics
  • Identify capacity bottlenecks and highlight risks and constraints
  • Run synthetic simulations to test logon performance, desktop availability application access, etc.
  • Track key user experience metrics in real time and be the first to know of issues
  • Use built-in reports to compare KPIs before and after migration
  • Ensure peak performance of desktops and meet expected service levels

All the Key Dashboards and Reports that Citrix Administrators Need

  • Citrix XenDesktop performance monitoring dashboards
    100% web-based monitoring console (HTTP/S)
  • XenDesktop baselining and performance monitoring
    Automatic baselining with self-learning thresholds
  • XenDesktop performance reporting
    Out-of-the-box reports for historical data analytics
  • XenDesktop slow logon reporting
    Track slow logon trends over time
  • XenApp resource usage monitoring
    Identify resource-intensive sessions
  • XenDesktop user experience monitoring
    At a glance, view user experience for all users
  • XenDesktop logon simulator
    Built-in Citrix logon simulator
  • XenApp virtualization monitoring
    Deep-dive visibility into virtual desktops
  • XenDesktop monitoring on Citrix Cloud
    Monitor Citrix Cloud Delivery Controller
  • XenDesktop root cause diagnosis
    End-to-end service topology and root cause diagnosis
  • XenDesktop user activity monitoring
    User active time and idle reporting
  • XenDesktop capacity planning
    Capacity planning and right-sizing insight

Customized and Purpose-Built Monitoring for Citrix On-premises and Cloud Deployments

eG Enterprise is a purpose-built monitoring solution for the latest Citrix architecture. It supports the latest Citrix protocols, new features and support both on-premises and cloud-hosted deployments.

  • Monitor performance Citrix HDX adaptive transport (EDT)
  • Track impact on logon time when Citrix WEM is used
  • Track GPU utilization per user and per application
  • Measure connection quality between user terminal to the VDI
  • Monitor Citrix Cloud service
  • Native support for monitoring Linux VDIs
  • Desktop Sessions
    • User logon performance
    • New user connections
    • User connection failures
    • Client connection failures
    • Machine failures
    • Configuration errors
    • Unavailable licenses
    • Unavailable capacity
  • Breakdown of Desktops
    • Powered on/off
    • With maintenance mode enabled
    • Assigned/Unassigned
    • With pending image update
    • Preparing/resuming
    • Start failures
    • Stuck-on-boot desktops
    • Unregistered desktops
  • Breakdown of Sessions
    • Active sessions
    • Connected sessions
    • Disconnected sessions
    • Preparing sessions
    • Reconnecting sessions
    • Non-brokered sessions
    • Pending sessions
    • Unknown sessions
  • User Experience
    • Logon time
    • Enumeration
    • Desktop launch
    • Application launch
    • Screen refresh latency
    • Client network latency
    • URLs accessed in session
    • HDX bandwidth
  • Controller Services
    • Broker service
    • AD identity service
    • Configuration service
    • Host service
    • Machine creation service
    • Licensing service
    • Monitoring service
    • Logging service
  • Monitor Other Citrix Tiers
    • XenApp
    • StoreFront
    • NetScaler
    • XenMobile
    • PVS
    • ShareFile
    • Citrix Cloud
    • License Server
and more metrics

Total Visibility into Citrix Logon Performance

eG Enterprise delivers in-depth visibility of Citrix VDI logon times. Combining Citrix logon performance metrics from the Delivery Controller and the virtual desktops, eG Enterprise allows Citrix administrators to easily isolate which step of the logon process is causing slowness for end users, and fix the problem before business impact.

XenDesktop Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Rapid Root-Cause Analysis


In-Depth Monitoring of Virtualization Performance and Resource Usage

VMs & Hypervisor Host

Monitor resource utilization of desktop VMs and hypervisor (host)

Virtual Machine

Track over-utilized and under-utilized desktop VMs (guest)

Resource Consumption

Identify what user activity and application access inside a VM causes increased resource consumption

User Experience Issue

Auto-correlate server virtualization and desktop virtualization metrics to pinpoint the root cause of user experience issues


Pre-Built Monitoring Support for Hypervisors and Cloud Platforms

VMware Citrix XenServer Amazon WorkSpaces NUTANIX Microsoft Hyper-V Azure

Uncover the Real Cause of Citrix Problems

XenDesktop Root Cause Analysis | XenDesktop Troubleshooting
  • Automatically discover interdependencies between Citrix tiers (ADCs, StoreFront, Provisioning Services, Delivery Controllers, etc.) and non-Citrix tiers (network, virtualization, Active Directory, storage, cloud, etc.)
  • Visualize the Citrix service topology on a single pane of glass
  • Automatically correlate performance alerts across the infrastructure and pinpoint the root cause in minutes
  • Easily differentiate the cause of the problem from the effects
  • Automatically baseline the virtual desktop infrastructure and get alerted about any performance deviations from the norm
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Helpful Resources


What is Citrix Virtual Desktop Technology?

What is XenDesktop?

Citrix Virtual Desktops is a desktop virtualization technology from Citrix Systems. It delivers virtualized Windows and Linux desktops to users accessing anywhere and from any device. A personally configurable virtual desktop is available to business users on the go. The Citrix user needs to have the Citrix Workspace App software in his/her terminal, which will communicate with the desktop VDA installed on virtual machines in the Citrix Site. To access their published desktops, Citrix users can login to their Citrix session using the web-based StoreFront or ADC.

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