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Citrix XenMobile Monitoring

Enterprise mobility management solutions such as Citrix XenMobile provide businesses the benefit of employee productivity by equipping them to work anytime, anywhere from mobile devices and tablets.

To derive the maximum benefit from XenMobile implementation, Citrix administrators need visibility into the performance of the XenMobile infrastructure and make sure all components of the application delivery stream are working as expected and network security policies of the organization are met.


IT departments face various challenges when it comes to adopting a mobile device management (MDM) solution and often need answers for questions, such as:

  • Are the end-users able to access applications from their devices?
  • Are the delivered applications performing at expected levels?
  • Are any of the devices breaching security policies?
  • If XenApp and XenDesktop services are delivered via XenMobile, how is the health of the infrastructure supporting the Citrix farm? Unavailability or downtime of underlying infrastructure components will cause performance degradation of apps delivered via XenMobile.

What administrators need is a unified monitoring tool that ensures compliance, security and performance of XenMobile services and connected devices.

Citrix XenMobile Performance Monitoring

eG Enterprise makes it fast and easy to identify whether it is a Citrix, network, system, or an application issue and fix bottlenecks quickly. And with predictive alerting, we are one step ahead to resolve emerging problems before they impact the end-user.

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XenMobile Health & Performance Management

eG Enterprise is a Citrix Ready certified monitoring tool that allows administrators to monitor various components of the XenMobile architecture including the XenMobile server, JVM, OS services, and supported Citrix tiers.

Track key performance indicators about the health of Citrix XenMobile server, such as:

  • XenMobile server availability and responsiveness
  • Successful and failed deployments on user devices
  • Blocked threads impacting code execution on JVM server and memory heap usage
  • Execution status of scheduled jobs
  • Device load on XenMobile server
  • License availability
  • SSL certificate expiration
  • Availability state of XenMobile cluster

eG Enterprise supports monitoring XenMobile versions 8, 9 and 10.

Ensure Security & Meet Compliance Requirements

  • eG Enterprise alerts you to security threats such as non-complaint, jail-broken and rooted devices, perimeter breaches, and devices with locks and pending wipes
  • Get alerted on failed and pending application deployments, and missing and blacklisted applications
  • Historical reports help with auditing and compliance reporting, and provide information for security teams for incident analysis

Expand Mobility Adoption with Smart Insight

eG Enterprise lets you track the mobile devices accessing the corporate network, analyze the device types and report on adoption trends

  • Monitor connected sessions, new logins, inactive sessions, unmanaged ActiveSync devices, corporate-owned devices and employee-owned devices, and more
  • Breakdown of data by device type keeps you informed of usage trends and security metrics for each operating system (Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, etc.)

Improve Availability & Performance of Your Citrix Environment

Citrix admins need to monitor the health of the entire Citrix XenMobile solution stack including NetScaler, XenApp, StoreFront as well as ShareFile and StorageZones and the supporting infrastructure.

eG Enterprise delivers intuitive topology maps and drill-downs allowing you to identify performance disruptions across the entire Citrix farm. The patented virtualization-aware technology automatically correlates between the different infrastructure tiers and makes root cause information available with just a single click. eG Enterprise supports monitoring VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, amongst others hypervisor platforms.

Citrix infrastructure layer view

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