LogicMonitor Alternatives: Remote Monitoring that is Deeper, Broader, and More Automated

eG Enterprise is a simple, scalable and effective RMM solution for MSPs. With extensive auto-discovery built-in, eG Enterprise can be self provisioned by customers. Extensive application monitoring insights for Citrix, Java, databases, Cloud and containers, adds to its other infrastructure monitoring features.

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LogicMonitor is a SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring platform that is leveraged by small and medium businesses and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to get visibility into all the key IT infrastructure components including networks, cloud, servers, and more. Known for its ease of use, LogicMonitor is predominantly agentless, and it uses a collector software/appliance installed on customer networks to collect metrics from the target systems and uploads them to a management server on the cloud.

Why eG Enterprise is a compelling alternative to LogicMonitor for MSPs and Enterprise IT

eG Enterprise Monitoring model
  • Agentless monitoring is coming under greater scrutiny with the increasing number of security attacks that IT organizations have had to deal with. The LogicMonitor collector is a single point of vulnerability as it has access to all the different systems and devices that it is monitoring. Agent-based monitoring, is a more secure alternative.
  • To deliver greater value to customers, MSPs and IT organizations must go beyond infrastructure monitoring, to monitor and alert on application performance. With eG Enterprise, they can offer value-added services to clients, including monitoring of user experience, providing code-level visibility, correlate application and infrastructure performance, and answer the question "why is an application slow?".
  • While LogicMonitor offers broad monitoring coverage, it does not provide detailed diagnosis, which is essential for troubleshooting problems quickly and pinpointing their root-cause. As a result, MSPs and IT organizations have to augment LogicMonitor with expert personnel for advanced troubleshooting. On the other hand, with its in-depth monitoring and diagnosis capabilities, eG Enterprise provides ready answers, so even helpdesk personnel can easily troubleshoot issues.

What eG Enterprise Offers to MSPs and Enterprise IT Teams

eG Enterprise is an all-inclusive, converged application and infrastructure performance monitoring solution.

  • Thousands of clients use eG Enterprise for troubleshooting application slowdowns, user experience issues, network outages, virtualization bottlenecks, server failures, storage hotspots, and more.
  • eG Enterprise monitors the health and performance of the whole IT environment, using a combination of agent-based and agentless approaches - all from a single pane of glass.
  • A patented, industry-first, virtualization and cloud-aware performance correlation and root cause diagnosis technology allows eG Enterprise to rapidly prioritize problems and ensure that MSPs and IT teams are focused on the cause of problems rather than being distracted by its effects.
eG Enterprise is an all-inclusive infrastructure performance monitoring solution.
  • Available for deployment on-premises or as SaaS, our specialized pricing model allows MSPs to get started quickly and easily, with no upfront investment. MSPs can even white-label the solution and offer value-added performance audits, troubleshooting assistance, and advanced diagnostics using the solution.

MSPs can go from being a Cost Center to a Value Provider
Monitor applications, servers, networks, cloud, containers from one console.

Over 500+ technologies supported 

Top Reasons to choose
eG Enterprise over LogicMonitor

User Experience Monitoring:

As organizations increasingly rely on websites and online applications to deliver business services, they are continuously challenged to provide end customers with a faster and consistent digital experience. Unlike LogicMonitor, which has only basic synthetic monitoring capabilities, eG Enterprise includes extensive synthetic and real user monitoring capabilities for any type of application access.

Deep-dive Application Performance Monitoring:

To provide code-level visibility, business transaction tracing is needed. LogicMonitor integrates with Open Telemetry for this. To push custom metrics, LogicMonitor includes a rest API but this requires application code changes. On the other hand, eG Enterprise provides a comprehensive APM solution with detailed code-level insights for Java, .NET, and PHP applications. No code changes are necessary for supporting detailed application monitoring.

Embedded Domain Expertise:

Logic Monitor uses APIs and interfaces supported by the infrastructure vendors for monitoring. The basic metrics required to track whether the corresponding components are working or not are included. On the other hand, eG Enterprise embeds a great deal of domain expertise for different technologies, such as Citrix, SAP, O365, PeopleSoft, Siebel, APM, and more. The metrics collected are not limited to vendor APIs alone. Common problems encountered in the field are used to influence the monitoring capabilities available in eG Enterprise, so it can serve as a "true virtual assistant" for IT admins.

AIOps capabilities:

LogicMonitor's AIOps capabilities are based on dynamic thresholding and forecasting capabilities. Its auto-discovery and root cause diagnosis capabilities are limited. On the other hand, eG Enterprise implements several different technologies that together make it a compelling AIOps solution. Its root cause diagnosis capabilities are based on detailed discovery of different types of dependencies - application-to-application, application-to-VM, VM-to-physical machine, application-to-network, etc. In-depth, specialized stack models built into the solution allow grouping of metrics by layers and clear problem demarcation. Analytics embedded in the solution assist with right-sizing, optimization, and capacity planning.

eG Enterprise and Logic Monitor

Critical Features eG Enterprise LogicMonitor
Accurate auto-discovery of application and application instances through agents Yes No
Deployment On-premises or SaaS Only SaaS
Monitoring approach Both agent-based and agentless Agentless only
Synthetic Monitoring capabilities For any type of application, including web, thick client, and thin client For websites and web applications
Real User Monitoring Extensive capabilities depending on the technology used No
Code-level monitoring for applications Yes - tag-and-follow technology for distributed transaction tracing Limited, integration with Open Telemetry
Deep-dive monitoring of Citrix, Microsoft AVD, VMware and other digital workspaces Yes Limited
In-depth monitoring of databases, middleware, etc. Yes, goes well beyond basic Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) monitoring. Application-specific interfaces (APIs, queries, etc.) are used to collect in-depth metrics Metrics are limited to WMI monitoring.
Log monitoring Yes, included in the base product Yes, is an add-on
In-depth diagnostics for SAP and other enterprise applications Yes No
Detailed diagnosis for quickly getting additional details to troubleshoot a problem Yes No
AIOps and Root Cause Analysis Included in base product. No add-on required. Only available in Enterprise editions
Integration with helpdesks Yes Yes
Licensing Model Network monitoring is licensed based on number of pollers, not by devices. Digital workspaces are licensed by users or servers, depending on the density. In all other cases, one license is required per OS/system. With the eG Universal Monitor approach, there is no need for different modules or management packs for different types of monitoring. SaaS-Based subscription licensing. Synthetic monitoring is standalone licensing.

See how GlassHouse.io is offering Monitoring as a Service with
eG Enterprise

GlassHouse.io, an Australian MSP has created a white-labelled MaaS offering called Magnify. This service is powered by eG Enterprise and hosted in AWS cloud. It offers monitoring, diagnosis and analytics for any application, any infrastructure from one console.

GlassHouse.io, an Australian MSP has created a white-labelled MaaS offering called Magnify

How MSPs offer Differentiated Services with eG Enterprise

  • eG Enterprise empowers MSPs to be future-ready. They can monitor a broad range of technologies including 500+ applications, 10+ OS, 20+ storage devices, 10+ virtualization, 10+ database technologies, etc.
  • MSPs can go from being a cost center where they take care of non-core elements of the infrastructure, to being a revenue center, where they can track application performance proactively and provide recommendations to enable customers to increase service uptime and revenue.
  • It's 100% web-based, multi-tier and multi-tenant architecture. This, together with self-provisioning capabilities, allows MSPs to offer monitoring as a service to clients.
MSP Benifits
  • With eG Enterprise, MSPs can automate core IT functions - auto-discovery of applications, network, and other devices, auto-baselining of metrics, auto-correlation for triaging problems, auto-remediation for problem correction, and more.
  • MSPs can offer advanced services to clients using performance audits, advance troubleshooting, bottleneck analysis, and right-sizing recommendations, and can position themselves as a trusted advisor.

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  • Works on cloud environments, hybrid cloud setups and on-premises deployments
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  • Suitable for monitoring cloud applications, digital workspaces and IT infrastructures
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