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Citrix NetScaler Monitoring with eG Enterprise

Ensure high uptime, secure application delivery and top performance with NetScaler

Citrix NetScaler Monitoring

From being a simple load balancer, Citrix NetScaler has evolved into a networking powerhouse, supporting a variety of functions including application firewalls, VPN tunnels, caching and acceleration, compression, and ensuring fast and secure delivery of web and desktop applications to any device and any location. Since it plays a central role in any network, the availability and performance of a Citrix NetScaler device is not only crucial for ensuring great user experience for web and Citrix users, but more importantly, it is critical for safeguarding the security and sanctity of the IT infrastructure.


Citrix NetScaler Performance Management Solution

For remote users, Citrix NetScaler is a gateway to key applications and desktops. All accesses pass through the device. Therefore, any slowdown in performance or unavailability of the NetScaler device affects the user experience and it is essential to monitor the health, performance and utilization of all Citrix NetScaler devices in an infrastructure. The Citrix NetScaler admin console can be used; but looking at each of the NetScaler device’s consoles manually and analysing the metrics is a laborious and time-consuming task.

Further, since it handles all user sessions, a Citrix NetScaler device is also able to offer interesting insights into usage and performance of applications and desktops accessed through it. Citrix NetScaler monitoring must include monitoring of the NetScaler device as well as analysis of application flows processed by each NetScaler device.




Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

eG Enterprise makes it fast and easy to identify whether it is a Citrix, network, system, or an application issue and fix bottlenecks quickly. And with predictive alerting, we are one step ahead to resolve emerging problems before they impact the end-user.

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