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Citrix Performance Management

eG Enterprise: Exclusive Performance Monitoring Solution for Citrix Synergy and Citrix Summit

Who Does Citrix Use to Monitor Citrix? eG Innovations.

Citrix Systems, Inc. has chosen the eG Enterprise as the end-to-end application and infrastructure monitoring solution to power its global demo infrastructure. Citrix's demo infrastructure is a unified set of applications and infrastructure that supports demos used to showcase the company's solutions at its global briefing centers, industry events, and customer/partner facing conferences, such as Citrix Synergy and Citrix Summit, around the world.

For over five years consecutively, Citrix has relied on the monitoring intelligence of eG Enterprise to power demo environments for its annual Summit and Synergy conferences. Partners and customers travel from around the globe to these events to explore ways in which Citrix's newest advances can help them realize their business goals. When the Citrix Events team needed a solution to help ensure top Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop performance for all live product demonstrations, they chose eG Innovations, again and again.

Citrix Systems relies on eG Innovations' technology to ensure a great user experience. You can too.

Why Use 3-Dimensional Monitoring for Citrix Performance Management?

Citrix XenApp Performance Management

There is no more complete and efficient methodology to ensure sustainable Citrix performance success.

Traditional Citrix monitoring solutions offer Virtual Apps and Desktops operational metrics and statistics - at varying levels of detail - for your team to analyze and correlate. But when users are complaining about slow performance, login problems and lost productivity, it quickly becomes clear that Citrix metrics and statistics alone are not enough to drive consistent user experience and business success. You need intelligence: Comprehensive, correlated insight into all Citrix tiers, plus unified cross-tier visibility across the rest of your infrastructure, all from a single integrated console.


At Citrix, our mission is to deliver a superior user experience in both our digital workspaces and physical locations and events. With eG Innovations, we have an innovative solution we can use to manage and monitor our demo infrastructure in a simple unified way, which empowers our employees and partners to perform at their best and delight our customers.

Ed Duncan
Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Citrix


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