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eG Enterprise 6.1

Expanding 3-D Monitoring Power
for Top Citrix Performance

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Thursday, 16 February 2017


Citrix Performance Management Success: Don’t Just Monitor, Prevent.

It’s not enough to simply fix performance issues. Your mission is to prevent issues before they start. In a Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop-driven enterprise, the user experience is the foundation of effective operations, business success and ultimately, profitability. Because the user experience is directly impacted by other tiers in your infrastructure so often, a siloed monitoring tool is not enough; you need more. Only one solution allows you to instantly see exactly where issues are originating, anywhere in your infrastructure, and how your users are being affected: eG Enterprise. And in version 6.1, an expanded Citrix-monitoring toolset makes your job easier than ever before.


3-D Performance Monitoring for Top Citrix Performance

eG Innovations Performance Management Overview

eG Enterprise offers Citrix-driven IT organizations the benefit of the industry’s only 3-dimensional performance monitoring coverage: Reach across every tier – network, storage, virtualization, Citrix, Windows and more; Depth of coverage – putting the metrics that matter at your fingertips; and, Speed to resolution – helping you to detect and fix issues in minutes, instead of hours.

The new 6.1 release of eG Enterprise emphasizes eG Innovations’ commitment to providing the most effective and scalable Citrix monitoring solution in the industry. eG Enterprise 6.1 completely fills the well-documented monitoring gaps for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x and expands any organization’s ability to deliver great end-user experience, efficient IT growth and maximum ROI.


Key Benefits

At-A-Glance: What’s New

eG Enterprise 6.1 was the exclusive performance monitoring solution for on-site physical and virtual infrastructure systems drove Citrix Summit 2016

Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

eG Enterprise is a fantastic tool, and it gives me confidence that our systems are running as they should. It’s invaluable for us.

Wendy Howard
St. Charles Infrastructure Engineer


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Major advancements for Citrix Monitoring.