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eG Enterprise at RSVZ

End-to-End Citrix Monitoring Improves User Performance and Reduces IT Costs

Thanks to eG Enterprise our systems management team can now easily resolve problems that before would have been impossible. That lets us respond faster to our Citrix users and support them at a much higher level with significantly less cost and effort. Quote

Patrick VanderbauwedeICT Manager, RSVZ  |  Download Case Study

Key Benefits to RSVZ

  • Pinpointed root cause of problems in minutes rather than days
  • Improved user productivity and experience
  • Reduced downtime and increased application availability
  • Simplified, automated and accelerated performance diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Reduced IT cost and complexity

Why eG Enterprise?

  • Real-time, end-to-end performance monitoring and reporting
  • Fast and easy root cause analysis of performance problems
  • Ability to manage and monitor all aspects of the IT infrastructure from a single pane of glass
  • Preemptive problem detection and alerts
  • Built-in support for major applications and network services

Citrix XenApp Environment to Help 660+ Government Workers Better Serve Entrepreneurs

Citrix XenApp Monitoring at RSVZ - Case study by eG Innovations

Belgium's National Institute for Social Security for the Self-Employed helps support entrepreneurs from start-up to retirement. Known in Dutch as Rijksinstituut voor de Sociale Verzekeringen der Zelfstandigen—or RSVZ for short—the government organization works with independent entrepreneurs on multiple fronts, including health and accident insurance, pensions and bankruptcy assistance.

To serve those entrepreneurs, RSVZ's 660+ employees rely on the agency's IT infrastructure built on 50 XenApp servers, a vCenter server, 3 domain controllers, 2 SQL servers, and 2 Exchange servers. But when users started complaining about poor system performance and support costs continued to rise, RSVZ turned to eG Innovations to help them get to the root of their performance problems.

The Challenge: Pinpoint Root Cause of Issues Across Every Layer of Citrix Chain

Before bringing on eG Enterprise from eG Innovations, RSVZ had been using other monitoring tools to try to pinpoint slowdowns in their environment. But none of these could monitor end-to-end Citrix activity, nor even monitor Citrix user sessions at a sufficiently detailed level. These are major problems for managing a Citrix XenApp environment, where any number of inter-dependencies or links along the end user to server chain can impact performance. When those performance impacts arise, they have the potential to hurt all 660+ users in RSVZ's Citrix farm. Until the root cause of slowdowns are discovered, it can mean widespread frozen screens, slow logins, sluggish application launches, keystroke latency and disconnected sessions

The Solution: Improve Troubleshooting with eG Enterprise Citrix Monitoring

eG Enterprise gave RSVZ more than just a monitoring tool. It provided the agency with immediate, actionable answers to its performance issues so that the IT team no longer had to spend hours troubleshooting and guessing why Citrix was running slow. eG Enterprise provides monitoring, but also automatically correlated metrics across every layer and service in RSVZ's Citrix infrastructure, enabling fast insight into all performance-impacting issues.

"Users get frustrated and productivity drops when their machines and applications run slow," said Patrick Vanderbauwede, ICT Manager for RSVZ. "We had searched a long time for a tool that would give us visibility into individual Citrix user sessions, including application detail. Finally, we found what we needed with eG Enterprise."

Citrix XenApp Monitoring Tools

In addition to providing visibility across the complete chain of Citrix service interactions from the user all the way down to hardware, eG Enterprise also gave RSVZ the comprehensive and detailed monitoring it needed to help manage its entire environment. Across virtual, physical and cloud infrastructures, eG Enterprise automated and dramatically accelerated the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of application performance issues, and allowed RSVZ to pinpoint the root cause of problems in minutes rather than days.

"The automated correlation and root cause diagnosis capability in eG Enterprise enables us to find problems quickly," said Sergio Checchi, a system administrator for RSVZ. "Whenever end users complain about performance problems, we can quickly and easily pinpoint the real cause using eG, whether it's the network, an application or actually some aspect of Citrix itself."

With the ability to quickly track down the root cause of performance issues, RSVZ has been able to reduce downtime, increase the availability of applications and improve its users' productivity and overall experience. And because eG Enterprise simplified, automated and sped up the diagnosis and troubleshooting process, it also significantly reduced IT support costs and complexity for RSVZ.

"Thanks to eG Enterprise our systems management team can now easily resolve problems that before would have been impossible," Vanderbauwede said. "That lets us respond faster to our Citrix users and support them at a much higher level with significantly less cost and effort."

The developers were pleased that the embedded analytics in eG Enterprise allowed them to limit alerts to specific exception conditions, which reduced 'alert fatigue'. The systems engineers liked the fact that now they are alerted to issues that in the past, they never would have even seen. "The monitor is really well thought-out; its ability to distribute data collection is very efficient and the embedded analytics makes it a great troubleshooting tool," said Mario Camchong, Senior Systems Engineer, Logic Springs.

eG Enterprise gave RSVZ a single pane of glass to easily monitor and diagnose its user experience and application performance across its entire IT environment. When performance problems arose, it gave the agency the answers it needed to take action and get applications, services and its users back up to speed.