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SaaS Monitoring for Cloud and On-Premises Environments

Monitoring all your applications and IT infrastructures from the cloud

On-Demand Monitoring Service. No Upfront Investment.

Fully SaaS-based IT monitoring is downloadable and delivers IT monitoring from the cloud.

eG Enterprise Cloud is a fully-hosted web-based IT monitoring service that provides IT teams with the simplicity and power of their applications and IT infrastructures from the cloud. From a single pane of glass, monitor any application, any server, anywhere.

Hosted on the cloud, it is easy to get started with eG Enterprise Cloud: You do not worry about deploying, maintaining and upgrading a monitoring system. Just sign up for the eG Enterprise Cloud service and experience power of cutting-edge performance monitoring from the cloud for all your business-critical applications and IT infrastructure.

Why Choose eG Enterprise Cloud

Find out why organizations around the world user eG Enterprise Cloud for monitoring the health, availability, performance, their business-critical applications and IT infrastructures.

  • No upfront cost
  • Pay as you go on-demand service
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Secure and reliable framework
  • Access from anywhere via web and mobile
  • Easily scalable for any size environment
  • Excellent support round the clock
  • Extremely affordable subscription license

Key Capabilities


Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

By using eG Enterprise we have less chance for disruptions. We can monitor the server load and optimize usage of the servers. And we now spend less time on problem analysis. As far as I am concerned, eG Enterprise is highly recommended for every organization with a large-scale server environment where IT is business-critical.

Hans Aalbers
ICT Director, Dura Vermeer


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