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eG Enterprise is the only intelligent application performance monitoring solution that delivers automatic diagnosis, proactive alerts and complete performance visibility across
dynamic IT environments, including:

eG Enterprise offers intelligent performance monitoring and automated correlation of all performance dependencies -
from the end user to the application, virtualization layer and underlying infrastructure - and helps you quickly and precisely diagnose performance bottlenecks, restore user experience, and right-size your IT infrastructure.

Enhanced user satisfaction and productivity, lower total cost of ownership and the ability to do more with less are some of the key benefits eG Enterprise offers to enterprises.

Customer Success eG Innovations Customers
Chase Citi AXA Bank Aviva Insurance Allscripts Corporation Xerox McKesson Corporation Marathon HoneywellCSC Intuit SanDisk Department of State Comcast
Martin Savory
Martin Savory
Group Systems Manager
“Once eG Enterprise was deployed, we have been following a simple process. Any critical and major issue reported by eG Enterprise is investigated immediately and the problems resolved. Within weeks of initiating this process, the Citrix XenApp lock up issues have disappeared!.”
Dieter Huppertz
Dieter Huppertz
IT Infrastructure Operations Manager, NMC
“eG Innovations has been helping us to find problems and inconsistencies in our infrastructure. With eG application monitor, we have been able to analyze and understand issues in our SAP ERP environment. We are now able to provide better availability of the SAP applications and reduce expensive and exhausting downtime costs. To top it all, setup was very easy - we were up and running in less than a day.”
Peter Bakker, Manager, ICT GHZ
Peter Bakker
Manager, ICT GHZ
“With eG Innovations, Het Groene Hart Ziekenhuis reduces system maintenance and support costs, avoids incremental IT spending and eliminates system downtime across the hospital. Detailed performance and prediction reports helps us to optimize IT spending and to save about $100,000 per year. IT investments are now based on facts, and we know exactly what is needed and when.”
Marc Berliner
Marc Berliner
Systems Director
“eG Enterprise provides a clean, automated way to track and correlate business service performance and is easy to deploy and administer.”

Don Thuen
Sr. Systems Engineer
Logic Springs

“eG Innovations flexibility and customization features make it a superior application performance monitoring tool for our support group. Using eG Innovations early detection and pro-active alerting capabilities, we were able to free-up two support people’s time, who spent two hours each day reviewing Windows and Linux OS log files and checking the directories to uncover problems that were impacting system performance.”

Mike Montano
Sr. Technical Support Manager
“eG Innovations application performance monitoring suite delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.”

Jacob Ackerman
Director of Information Technology
Horizon Business Services
“Anyone looking to monitor the performance of their Citrix farm needs to take a serious look at eG Innovations. They have a great product and unbelievable support."

Rob Salmon
CEO, Office Port
“eG Innovations provides the best value for the money by coupling visibility and excellent reporting. With eG Innovations we now have a single view of our heterogeneous network across all 7 layers of the OSI model. Using eG Innovations’ automatic root cause analysis we avoided throwing dollars at the problem and realized $20K in savings – immediately.”

Pejman Farahi
Network Applications Specialist
Aird Berlis
“The eG Enterprise application performance monitoring solution has been incredibly useful in the short time that we've had it and has far exceeded our expectations. Several of the measurements, particularly relating to SQL and missing indexes, have provided critical information that we had long suspected were a performance issue. Now we have the information we need to address specific performance challenges.”

Andrew Gowlett
Senior Consultant, C5 Alliance
“With eG Innovations we can now quickly identity root causes of incidents, often resolving them before users are impacted. Reporting and analytics allows to provide performance metrics and evidence to our clients. With automatic prioritization and categorization of alerts we can better focus on the important issues and prioritize our resources accordingly, especially where 24/7 operations teams are monitoring multiple client systems.”

Mike Smith, Consultant
Mike Smith
“I have used the eG Enterprise application performance monitoring tool in many projects. Found it to be very easy to use. Set up is real easy - predefined models made my job very simple. Very deep visibility particularly into the Citrix applications stack. The montioring tool has a lot of breadth - it monitors all your typical enterprise applications. Also can monitor virtual platforms. I found the reporting capabilities of the tool very useful - particularly when I had to present reports to my customer demonstrating where problems had happened in the past.”

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