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Vertex Venture Holdings

Vertex Venture Holdings (Vertex Group), a leading global venture capital investment and fund management company, and a major investor in eG Innovations. Founded in 1988 as the venture capital arm of Singapore Technologies Group (ST), the Vertex Group currently manages funds valued at about US$ 1 billion and has made more than 290 investments in technology companies across USA, Asia, and Europe. The Vertex Group adds value to its portfolio of companies and help identify cross-border market opportunities, marketing and distribution channels, products, manufacturing partners, and alternative financing sources.

Silkroute Indchem

Silkroute Indchem

SilkRoute Indchem is a collaboration between SilkRoute and the founder of multi-million multi-business conglomerate - The Sanmar Group. The company provides an incubation facility to meet the growing needs of online e-commerce start-ups in India, promoting promising Indian Internet companies as well as a software development centre. Companies involved are mainly in the provision of B2B solutions, bio-technology and new technology solutions.

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