Free AVD Logon Simulator for Azure Virtual Desktop

Proactively monitor logon performance and ensure a superior AVD user experience

FREE eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator for AVD

Free AVD Logon Simulator for Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Synthetic logon simulation tool for monitoring, diagnosis, alerting and reporting of AVD logon performance
  • Quick SaaS deployment - be up and running in minutes
  • Web-based monitoring console
  • Free forever, no ads, no credit card details required

AVD Logon Simulator: Features at a Glance

  • Simulates the exact same process that users go through when they logon to AVD
  • Tracks every step of the AVD logon process: browser access, authentication, enumeration, session establishment, and desktop launch
  • Detects logon issues proactively and helps solve them before users are affected
  • Tests if the entire AVD delivery infrastructure is working in concert

eG Enterprise Express Free Logon Simulator

Use this web-based tool to help ensure a great AVD user experience.

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