eG Innovations Wins Citrix Ready Video Contest!

eG In Citrix Infrastructure Monitoring NewsWe’re excited to announce that our eG Enterprise animated video, Are You Monitoring Citrix in 3-D?, has been named a winner of the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest, along with co-winners Dell and PureStorage. We’re honored to be recognized and greatly appreciate all of the votes we received!

Watch our video and see all of the finalists on the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest page.

Also Wins Feature Story on Blog

eG Innovations is featured on the blog

eG Innovations was recently featured in a blog post on, focusing on the availability of eG Enterprise for Citrix infrastructure monitoring and auto-diagnosis via our Citrix Ready Verified CLM Blueprint. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The biggest challenge Citrix admins face every day is ensuring a great end-user experience. When users complain, admins are forced to react—meaning they need to find the problem and fix it. But in the face of increasingly complex, virtualized service-delivery infrastructures, the historically ad hoc process required to simply identify the real cause of a slowdown — inside or outside of Citrix — eG Innovations is one of the most solid infrastructure monitoring tools to manage a modern Citrix infrastructure….

eG Innovations Blueprint for Citrix CLM enables the instant deployment of the eG Enterprise unified monitoring solution for your Citrix virtual infrastructure. With a single click, the Blueprint installs the eG Universal Monitor, which provides performance visibility across every layer and every tier of your infrastructure (network, storage, virtualization, desktops, and applications) without need for any local provisioning.

Read the entire article on the blog.

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