IT Management is a top technology priority for CIOs in 2011

Just back from the Gartner IOM conference in Orlando. Here’s one titbit of interest. IT management is among the top technology priorities for CIOs in 2011. Cloud Computing and Virtualization (not surprisingly) are 1st and 2nd. IT management is 4th – up six places from 10th priority last year.

Top technology priorities for CIOs

Gartner estimates IT management to be a 60 billion US$ market per year. No wonder that everyone is focused on this space. Everyone has a monitoring and management solution now – a backup software vendor added monitoring recently, a capacity management vendor announced a monitoring solution, and a security vendor added a monitoring tool to their portfolio. VMware keeps adding to their management stack with new acquisitions and vCenter is looking more and more like a HP Openview or an IBM Tivoli – so many products with little glue!

At least, its good to know that we are in the right space at the right time!