In 2022, eG Innovations established a dedicated local team to serve our customers in Indonesia better. Previously, our wider APAC team had covered the country, but as our customer base has grown and potential opportunities surged, we invested in a permanent base to grow our business. Today, we talked to Henry Tahapary and Riza Gadaffi – Sales Managers at eG Innovations based in Jakarta, about why Indonesia offers many opportunities.

Figure 1: Henry and Riza are based in Jakarta, an alpha world city and economic and technological hub for the region.

Q: Could you give us a brief overview of the IT landscape in Indonesia?

Since the pandemic, there has been an increased reliance on digital technologies, and with the Indonesian government’s push for digital transformation in public services, traditional businesses are adopting more technologies to support their business activities. As an example, the Indonesia government is targeting the digitalization of all identity documents by June 2024, see: Indonesia’s new digital ID aims to make it easier for citizens to access public services (

These collective digital transformation efforts mark a pivotal moment as Indonesia moves towards a more connected and digitally driven society.

Facts on digital economy growth in Indonesia

Indonesia’s digital economy grew from US$41 billion in 2019 to US$77 billion in 2022. Electronic transactions surged by 67% in 2022 and digital banking activity increased by 63%.

Source: Indonesia: a rising global economy that’s open for business | Insights | HSBC

Q: What obstacles have you seen organizations face in Indonesia when undergoing digital transformation?

As with many global companies, organizations in Indonesia faces challenges when embarking on and navigating digital transformation. Two prominent business challenges impacting IT teams are:

  • A strategy focused on adopting new technology with no clear plan on the management of performance to ensure that the ultimate outcomes of digital transformation which are that a good digital employee experience (DEX) and user efficiency can be sustained
  • Lack of skills which delays the implementation of digital strategies and continues dependence on traditional IT operation management approaches like the use of silo monitoring tools

Some of the effects of these challenges are often not visible immediately and tend to manifest at a later stage in projects, resulting in patchworked and disjoint solutions which more often than not do not result in sustainable outcomes.

Q: What type of organizations in Indonesia are adopting eG Enterprise for monitoring their applications and IT infrastructure?

As mentioned earlier, some of the organizations we have seen are not doing as well as it looks on the surface and we are working with them on a sustainable strategy in performance management including unified and converged monitoring strategy, using eG Enterprise as the single source of truth for monitoring including user experience, infrastructure, application, APM (Application Performance Monitoring) and so on.

For organizations that are embarking on new initiatives we are working with them to include a performance management strategy earlier and future proofing it with our support for cloud, hybrid and multi cloud capabilities.

Through our engagement with partners and customers, we’re experiencing a surge in demand from organizations seriously looking into digital transformation, particularly on projects with an emphasis on ensuring optimal user experience and productivity – particularly within organizations that have learned through experience that holistic monitoring should no longer be an afterthought.

Q: What are the benefits of eG Innovations having a local team in Indonesia?

The answer is pretty obvious. Customers want us to be here, and we are here. Establishing a local team in Indonesia has significantly enhances our responsiveness to partners’ and customers’ needs, and allowed us to meet preferences for face-to-face interactions and native language communication.

Apart from the above, our local team has the experience navigating local regulations and relationships to benefit customers with better response and solutioning to meet the challenges of digital transformation,

Figure 2: Participation in Digital Transformation Indonesia event with our Regional Office team visited by Bapak Budi Arie Setiadi, the Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Technology.

Figure 3: Our friendly local team are always happy to talk to potential new partners and customers!

With the local team in place, we have also conducted more outreach through participation in industry vertical and technology-focused events, local workshops and webinars.

Figure 4: Ilham from our local team participating in a joint-workshop with a partner for customers from the manufacturing industry in Cilegon including tips on SAP/MS Dynamics monitoring.

Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming future events.

Q: Tell us more about your partner activities

We now conduct frequent in-person sessions with partners to empower their sales and technical teams as well as sharing with them our company’s experience helping other regional and global customers in addressing digital transformation challenges.

These in-person workshops are usually on an invitation basis and the sharing opportunities have provided our partners with the necessary key success factors on how our solution supports sustainable digital transformation.

Figure 5: Our regional partner training days are proving a big hit!

We also have various other sessions with partners using our extended partner ecosystem program from our Regional Office to continue to engage and keep partners updated so that our partners know we are committed to working with them to make their customers successful.

Additionally, many partners have now completed the eG Innovations foundation training and have achieved competency in providing basic support for eG Enterprise for customers in Indonesia. Selected partners are progressing with more advanced training to support advanced features in the eG Enterprise observability platform with the support of our local Indonesian team.

Figure 6: We can now offer regular training and certification locally for our Indonesian partners

Partners interested in future training events can register their interest with our APAC team here.

Closing thoughts on eG Innovations’ presence in Indonesia

In conclusion, eG Innovations’ investment in a dedicated local team in Indonesia has proven to be a great success. Our local team in Jakarta isn’t just about a physical presence; it’s about understanding and guiding businesses through the complexities of digital transformation. We address challenges head-on, offering solutions that modernize IT operations for lasting impact. Teaming up with us means constant empowerment through interactive workshops and shared experiences to support your digital transformation goals.

Follow our journey on LinkedIn for new insights and our events.

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