Synthetic Monitoring of Amazon WorkSpaces

AWS WorkSpaces are being used by organizations to deploy virtual desktops quickly and easily in the cloud. In this blog, we discuss how simulation techniques can be used to track the performance of AWS WorkSpace 24x7, from a user perspective.

Outages Bring Cloud Monitoring in Focus!

Over the last week, Amazon’s cloud service had a serious outage that caused many popular web businesses to go offline for several hours and resulted in significant loss of business. All of a sudden, many in the press (and users as well!) are beginning to realize that applications hosted in...

Monitoring Business Services

Customer Testimonial – Citrix Monitoring

Many thanks to Mr. Jacob Ackerman, Director of Information Technology at Horizon Business Services for taking the time to write about his experiences with the eG Innovations software and services. We value every one of our customer relationships and it is accolades like these that motivate us to...

Enterprise-class monitoring solution

Justifying the Cost of A Monitoring Tool

Procuring a monitoring tool is like getting insurance coverage for your IT infrastructure! As long as your infrastructure is working fine, monitoring is not at the top of the mind. The moment there is an incident, the first questions are: what changed? what parts of the infrastructure are not...