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Cloud Monitoring

End-to-end monitoring for public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures

Cloud Performance Assurance

For enterprises that are accelerating their journey to the cloud—deploying new applications, migrating services to the cloud, and using cloud infrastructures to operate their business—success in cloud computing depends on ensuring that the performance of the applications and their service quality is equal to those deployed in their on-premises data centers. Whether a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure is used, holistic performance visibility is required to ensure successful service delivery and achieve high efficiency.


Cloud Monitoring and Enterprise Performance Management with eG Enterprise

While cloud computing offers enterprises many benefits, it also poses several monitoring and management challenges. Given the distributed and heterogeneous nature of cloud environments, it is difficult to pinpoint the cause performance problems.

Cloud Performance Monitoring with eG Enterprise
  • Most cloud infrastructures involve multiple inter-dependent tiers: application, virtualization, storage, network, etc. A problem in one tier affects other tiers—making root cause diagnosis a challenge.
  • Cloud environments involve multiple domains of control—one for infrastructure, another for applications, etc. Lack of centralized visibility makes performance monitoring difficult.
  • The cloud infrastructure is shared and has workloads from multiple customers. Surge in demand from one customer’s workload can affect the performance of applications for another customer.

Cloud Service Delivery Assurance from eG Enterprise

Cloud Monitoring Tools from eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise is a comprehensive unified performance management solution for cloud and on-premises infrastructures. Available in SaaS-based and on-premises deployment models, eG Enterprise enables the success of your cloud initiatives by delivering end-to-end visibility across user experience and performance of applications, database, virtualization, storage and network. From a single pane of glass, administrators can automatically:

eG Enterprise offers total performance management across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS infrastructures, serving the needs of enterprises deploying applications in the cloud (cloud consumers) and service providers hosting cloud infrastructures (cloud providers).




Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

We are truly impressed with eG Innovations cloud performance management solution. eG beats out most of the competition in terms of coverage for diverse virtual server environments as well as for its distinctive 'top down' and 'bottom up' real-time analytics.

Julie Craig
Research Director, EMA


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