Why Monitor Microsoft Azure Active Directory?

Azure AD is used by IT admins, app developers and Microsoft cloud service subscribers. IT admins use Azure AD to manage role permissions and control access to specific applications and resources for individual users. App developers may use Azure AD to add single sign-on to apps that work with preexisting user credentials. Azure AD also provides app developers with application program interfaces (APIs) that use existing data within the organization. Subscribers to Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online or Azure, are, by default, tenants of Azure AD.

Because of its widespread usage, any issue in the availability or overall performance of Azure AD can have an adverse impact on the productivity of multiple stakeholders. Also, these issues, if not detected and resolved in time, can cause anything from a short-term denial of access to critical applications to long-term and exponentially serious security breaches. To avoid such unpleasant eventualities, it is important to continuously monitor Azure AD, promptly detect deficiencies in its uptime or operations, and rapidly resolve the abnormalities before they impact business.