Microsoft SCOM Universal Management Pack

Monitor over 500 different application and infrastructure technologies without needing a SCOM management pack for each technology. eG Enterprise integration with Microsoft SCOM ensures that you consolidate all your monitoring in the SCOM console.

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Multiple SCOM Management Packs are
Expensive and Difficult to Manage

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a leading monitoring platform for Microsoft applications. However, SCOM is limited in its support for non-Microsoft systems and applications (e.g., Citrix, SAP, Siebel, VMware, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Java, Nutanix, etc.).

To extend System Center Operations Manager for heterogeneous environments, multiple SCOM management packs (often from different vendors) must be deployed—one for each non-Microsoft platform.

With this "multi-pack" approach, administrators get a lot of metrics but little actionable information and no correlated alerts to help them pinpoint the real root cause of a performance issue. The lack of integration between management packs leads to long problem isolation and diagnosis cycles, resulting in poor user experience and loss in user productivity.

Microsoft SCOM Management Pack: eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise Universal Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM

The eG Universal Management Pack for SCOM augments Microsoft SCOM’s monitoring capabilities and enables it to become a truly unified monitoring and diagnosis console for today’s heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Combining the power of many management packs into one unified solution, SCOM administrators get access to health, availability and performance data from heterogeneous infrastructures and multi-vendor devices inside the SCOM console. Make SCOM your go-to solution for monitoring both Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications with the help of eG Universal Management Pack.

eG Enterprise to Enhance the Monitoring Capabilities of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

With the eG Universal Management Pack for SCOM, administrators can:

  • Monitor all their clients' systems, networks, and applications
  • Access unified topology diagram of heterogeneous IT infrastructures (Citrix, VMware, SAP, Amazon AWS, etc.). No other SCOM management pack provides this unified view.
  • View alerts from eG Enterprise alongside SCOM alerts, inline within the SCOM console
  • Use the Health Explorer in SCOM to drill down into any infrastructure component monitored by eG Enterprise
  • With one-click drill down, explore the eG Enterprise web console for deeper diagnostics and root cause analysis

With eG Enterprise, we can now quickly identify root causes of incidents, resolving them before users are impacted. Automatic prioritization and categorization of alerts helps us better focus on the important issues and prioritize our resources accordingly.

Andrew GowlettSenior Consultant, C5 Alliance

eG Enterprise Integration with
Microsoft SCOM

How It Works: eG Universal SCOM Management Pack

The eG Universal Management Pack is very easy to deploy. The eG-SCOM Connector bridges communication between eG Enterprise and SCOM.

  • Applications, virtualization, storage and other tiers managed by eG Enterprise are automatically registered in SCOM
  • The state of each component, layer, metric is updated in SCOM
  • Dashboards published in eG Enterprise are automatically available from inside the SCOM console
  • Multiple eG-SCOM connectors can be deployed to support failover clustering and improve scalability
SCOM Management Packs: eG Enterprise

Enable SCOM Monitor Non-Microsoft Applications

Administrators are not required to login to multiple tools or consoles to monitor their heterogeneous infrastructure. From the SCOM console, administrators can:

  • Receive alerts in SCOM for any components that are managed in eG Enterprise
  • Differentiate between the root cause of problems and the effects, based on alert severities
  • Get service-level reports to highlight when infrastructure issues are detected
  • Within SCOM, close alerts for problems that have been resolved
  • Access custom dashboards that highlight demand, consumption and quality for the service as a whole and for specific tiers
  • Monitor custom applications and network devices from the SCOM console
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Microsoft SCOM Management Pack with eG Enterprise

Microsoft SCOM Management Pack with eG Enterprise

Go Beyond Monitoring the Infrastructure as Silos

In a single click from the SCOM console, administrators can drill down the eG Enterprise console in context. This integration allows administrators to:

  • Visualize application-to-application dependencies, application-to-physical and application-to-virtual machine mapping, and how applications are connected to the network, storage and cloud infrastructures
  • Automatically highlight the root cause of complex performance problems in seconds
  • Drill down in depth into every layer and every tier to track metrics of interest
  • Auto-baseline the infrastructure and receive proactive alerts about issues before they affect the user experience
eG Enterprise: Microsoft SCOM Management Pack
  • Access hundreds of pre-defined reports for optimization, right-sizing and capacity planning

Address the Needs of All IT Stakeholders

  • IT operators who are accustomed to the Microsoft SCOM console can continue to use it with to monitor the entire infrastructure—no learning curve
  • Help desk staff can access unified topology maps and see a consolidated list of all alerts in one dashboard inside the SCOM console
  • Domain experts (e.g., administrators of Citrix, VMware, SAP, etc.) can easily access the eG Enterprise web console for detailed diagnosis, root cause analysis, in-depth analytics, capacity planning, service-level topology views, and more
  • IT managers can comply with their management’s interest in unifying performance monitoring and diagnosis using Microsoft SCOM
eG Enterprise: SCOM Management Pack

What is Microsoft SCOM?

SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) is a software solution that allows IT managers to monitor and manage the services, devices and applications of multiple enterprise IT systems from a single pane of glass.

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