Enabling ADMIN$ Share Access on Windows Virtual Guests

Enabling ADMIN$ Share Access on Windows 2008 VMs

To enable the admin$ share on a Windows 2008 VM, do the following:

  1. Open the Windows Explorer on the virtual machine, browse for the corresponding Windows directory in the C drive, right-click on it, and select the Share option from the shortcut menu.

    Figure 215 : Selecting the Share option from the shortcut menu

  2. Figure 216 will then appear. Click on Advanced Sharing in Figure 216.

    Figure 216 : Clicking on Advanced Sharing

  3. Select the Share this folder check box in Figure 217 that appears, enter admin$ against Share name, and click on the Permissions button in Figure 217, to allow only a local/domain administrator to access the folder.

    Figure 217 : Enabling the ADMIN$ share

  4. When Figure 218 appears, click on the Add button therein.

    Figure 218 : Clicking on the Add button

  5. To allow a domain administrator to access the folder, first, ensure that a valid domain is specified in the From this location box of Figure 219. If you want to grant access to a local administrator instead, ensure that the name of the local host is displayed in the From this location box. To change this specification, use the Locations button in Figure 219. Then, enter the name of the local/domain administrator in the Enter the object names to select text area, and click the ok button. 

    Figure 219 : Allowing a domain administrator to access the folder

  6. The newly added user will be listed in the Group or user names section, as depicted by Figure 220. Select this user, and then, check all the three check boxes under Allow in the Permissions for <user> section in Figure 220. Then, click the Apply and ok buttons therein.

    Figure 220 : Allowing full access to the local/domain administrator

  7. When Figure 221 appears, click on the Apply and ok buttons therein to register the changes.

    Figure 221 : Applying the changes

Alternatively, by adding a new entry in the Windows registry, you can quickly enable the admin$ share. The steps for the same are discussed hereunder:

  1. In Run prompt type regedit to open registry editor.

  2. Browse through the following sub key:


  3. Create a new entry with the below information

    • Key Name : LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy

    • Key Type : DWORD (32-bit)

    • Key Value : 1

  4. Exit registry editor.


As with any change to the registry, ensure that the above-mentioned change is also performed with utmost care, so as to avoid problems in the functioning of the operating system.