Pre-requisites for Monitoring eG Manager

The eG agent should be configured to connect to the JRE used by the eG manager to pull out metrics of interest. To enable the eG agent to connect to the JRE, by default, JMX support has been enabled for the eG manager’s JRE. JMX enables external programs like the eG agent to connect to the JRE of an application and pull out metrics in real-time.

By default, the eG manager's JMX has been enabled without authentication or security (SSL). In this case therefore, no additional configuration is required to enable the eG agent to communicate with the manager's JRE via JMX.

High-security environments on the other hand, may prefer to enable JMX with authentication. To know how to achieve this, refer to the Configuring the eG Manager's JMX with Authentication topic .

Alternatively, instead of JMX, you can configure the eG agent to report JVM-related metrics using SNMP-based access to the Java runtime MIB statistics. To know how to enable SNMP support for JMX, refer to the Enabling SNMP Support for the eG Manager's JRE topic .